New York City Urban Debate League

Third Top Team in the Country!

<div></div> <div> <span>THIRD BEST DEBATE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY! &nbsp;After their winning streak which includes Harvard, NDCA Championships, Dartmouth, and this weekend at Wake Forest University – Bronx Law’s team of Charles and Geo are the 3rd ranked team in the country according to the national debate rankings. Wanted to shout out Charles and Geo for their infinite work and passion for debate since I first met them in the 7th grade! Want to shout out all their coaches over the years – Willie, Ben, Aubrey, Jen, Rashad, Ryan, all their Summer Lab leaders!,all the other countless mentors and teachers! And all our supporters who have made all our tournaments possible! Congratulations Charles and Geo and the sky is the limit!</span> </div> <!–more–><div> <span><a href=”>http://www…; </div>”

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