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Welcome to the NYCUDL E-Debate Summer Institutes! We are excited to launch our web initiative to continue the growth and love of debate in a fun and innovative way. 

Below you can find descriptions of the different formats we will offer over the summer. Students will need an electronic device. We are using the same platform as other prestigious tournaments such as the Georgetown International Tournament and the Tournament of Champions!

Our modern times of remote learning and social distancing make shared debate experiences more valuable than ever.  In debate, we make research, writing, speaking and critical thinking FUN through friendly competition. Students will have the opportunity to learn and study important real world issues, and come together through virtual formats to practice their debate skills and compete in virtual debate tournaments!

Our Summer Debate Institute courses include Introduction to Debate, Parliamentary Debate, Public Forum Debate and Policy Debate

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Who is Summer Debate Institute For?


At the NYCUDL, one of our greatest strengths is our commitment to serving all types of students and learners.  We believe in the potential of every child, from the struggling student to the academically gifted and talented, from the extrovert to the introvert.  We strive to meet all of our students where they are and challenge them to get to the next level. Since we are digital this year, we will gladly accept students from all over the globe (all times are Eastern Standard Time)!


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  • July 6-July 17 9am-12pm $649
  • Add-On: Afternoon Extension (1pm-4pm) $250

If you would like financial aid, please contact your coach. Financial aid is available to students who have financial need from schools who are members in good standing with the NYCUDL.

Offerings (Click on each tab to read more!)

Introduction to Debate: In our introduction class you can expect students to learn the fundamentals of debate which include: public speaking, research skills and basic argument formation. Students will collaborate to incorporate these skills in a debate setting such as in-class scrimmages.

Public Forum: In public forum debate, we focus on enhancing the NSDA standards expected in a public forum round. Some skills include topic specific research on the proposed Public forum NSDA topic along with learning format specific skills in given speeches.

Parliamentary: In parliamentary debate, students can expect to work collaboratively in a more impromptu style. They will learn about various motions that can range from current events to moral issues in society. Students will present these issues in teams of three as they spar their ideas in a competitive setting within their groups.

Policy: In policy debate, we prepare students to tackle the 2020-2021 National High School Policy Debate topic. Students can expect to learn the format specifics of policy speeches along with a focus on criminal justice research for the summer.

Why Join the NYCUDL’s Summer  Debate Institutes?

History and experience. The NYCUDL was formed in 2012 with the goal of providing debate access to every student in New York City. The NYCUDL has run summer debate camps every year since its founding to support debate in NYC.

Support debate access for low income students in NYC. All proceeds from NYCUDL workshops go to support access for low-income students in New York City.  Please help us help our city in a time of need.

Platform. All NYCUDL online programs are supported by an easy-to-use platform that will support the online Georgetown tournament and the online Tournament of Champions.

Our staff.  Our teaching staff includes incredibly accomplished debaters and coaches as well as guest lecturers from around the United States.

The best way to learn debate is to debate!

That’s why these live sessions will impart the essentials of public speaking and basic debate with a frequent mix of active practice and feedback.  Tournament-tested debaters and teachers coach you with 15-30 hours of live instruction with the option to add on more hours. The add-on extension hours target highly-active debate rounds or research games and exploration.  Comprehensive units aim to raise skills—and enjoyment!—of public speaking, research, inquiry, vocabulary, critical literacy and higher-order thinking. Ask your instructor questions at any time.

All units embrace skills that invaluably transfer to make your academic success faster, higher and stronger!

There’s nothing like a debate!  At the NYCUDL Parliamentary Summer Debate Institute, we will create a space for middle school students to learn and grow in one of the most exciting debate formats.  In Parliamentary debate, the topics change weekly, and students compete in teams of three in a format that values quick thinking, both writing and speaking/listening skills, and both evidence-based and philosophical reasoning.  Parliamentary is known as a fantastic “springboard” format for middle school debaters due to the revolving topics and highly interactive and fun format.

Your instructors will be experienced debaters who are incredibly passionate about mentoring the next generation of great NYC Debaters. Summer Debate Institute is 15-30 hours of live instruction with an option to add on more hours.

Brace yourself for the magic of our virtual Summer Debate Institute!

Consistent, personalized coaching.  New, tight-knit friendships. Exposure to diverse styles and ways of thinking.  The most efficient way to get better at debate is to debate more often. Competitively successful instructors guide personalized lab groups and smaller, virtual team work well-matched to your goals. Interactive discussion and activities follow carefully designed video lectures or live presentations on topics from fine tuning final focus to multi-layering frontline refutation.  The two week program supports an official tournament experience. Each week’s 15 hours of coaching includes an option for up to 15 more add-on hours. This extension time specializes in highly-active tasks to advance guided research and coached round practice.

Debaters always report a windfall of benefits competitively and academically. Now, folding in heightened tech and organizational skills nurtured at a virtual debate institute, the benefits multiply.

The 2020-2021 National High School Policy Debate topic is out and the topic is criminal justice reform. Are you excited to learn about criminal justice? Are you interested in law and politics? Are you ready to engage and debate the topic of criminal justice reform? If you said yes, then the virtual Policy Summer Debate Institute is the place for you!

Debaters will receive experienced instruction as they prepare for the 2020-21 national policy debate topic. Our policy debate instructors along with expert topic speakers are ready to guide debaters on their research and argument development skills. Whether you are an experienced policy debater that needs prep for the upcoming season or if you are looking to dip your intellectual toes into the waters of Policy Debate, this is the place for you.

The virtual Policy Summer Debate Institute will prepare students on the topic of criminal justice reform, teach  popular affirmative and negative case positions, fundamentals of policy debate theory and even engage in critical theory, historical analysis and legal conversations relating to criminal justice. This is a great opportunity for debaters to obtain these critical portable research and advocacy skills,

The add-on provides additional opportunities for debaters to engage in various debate skill activities, practice debate rounds and speech/rebuttal re-dos with our talented debate instructors.

Be a part of a New York City Policy Debate legacy and attend Policy Debate Institute with the NYCUDL!



Our Public Speaking program is designed to provide instruction in Public Speaking to students in grades 3-4.  Students will learn how to give informative speeches, demonstrative speeches, persuasive speeches, and demonstrative speeches. The program will conclude with a public speaking competition. See a sample of our schedule below.