Join the Lawyers’ Advisory Council

Lawyers’ Advisory Council Overview

The New York City Urban Debate League (“NYCUDL”) is a non-profit organization that serves 3,000+ students by creating access to debate so that we may raise the next generation of courageous, engaged and informed citizens.  The NYCUDL Lawyers’ Advisory Council (“LAC”) is a meaningful opportunity to support the NYCUDL and our next generation of lawyers and changemakers!

It is composed of an engaged group of lawyers from law firms, companies, and other organizations who share a common goal of youth development that leads to diversity in the legal profession.  The LAC’s primary purpose is to provide career exploration opportunities to NYCUDL students. The LAC  helps our students apply the skills they develop through debate to legal and other career opportunities.  They develop rewarding relationships with our students by working with them on building their professional skills and opening networks through relationships with LAC members and their firms. 


  • Must be a lawyer in the NYC metropolitan area for a law firm, company, nonprofit, or other local entity (collectively, the “Firm”). 
  • The Firm must commit support to the NYCUDL. Support may include mentorship, hosted events, internships, financial support, and/or other support that furthers the NYCUDL’s mission.  
  • LAC Members and their Firm shall contribute a combined minimum of $5,000 per year to the NYCUDL while they are LAC Members. 


  • Make a two-year membership commitment. 
  • Act as point of contact for the Firm. 
  • Identify opportunities for the Firm to provide NYCUDL students access to the legal profession (e.g., hosted events, internships, court visits, etc.). 
  • Support NYCUDL annual fundraising efforts and champion the effort within their Firm.
  • Collaborate with other LAC members to enhance opportunities for NYCUDL students.
  • Recruit volunteers to judge at NYCUDL tournaments. 
  • Commit to attending 3 of 4 LAC meetings each year. Meetings are held virtually via Zoom.
  • Help organize and recruit for our Summer Corporate Debate Challenge.

Additional Notes 

  • There is no limit to the number of LAC Members, but there should be no more than two members from a single Firm.  
  • Members shall be recognized professionally for their membership. They will also be acknowledged on the NYCUDL website and other relevant materials, including but not limited to, highlighted stories on the NYCUDL website and social media that may be linked/shared with the website and social media pages of their Firm and recognition as sponsors of the NYCUDL as appropriate.

To get involved with the NYCUDL LAC please contact our 

Co-Executive Director, Amisha Mody Mehta at