Talking to Administration

The following resources from the National Speech and Debate Association can help demonstrate the significance of speech and debate activities to administrators, school board members, the public and more. Debate changes lives, debate changes schools, debate changes society, debate is a game changer. Welcome to the world of scholastic debate. 

  • Forensics Can Change Lives Shaw, E. (1995). Forensics Can Change Lives. English Journal, 84(7), 51-54.
    This document features the author’s personal experience with speech and debate education in teaching literacy.
  • Forensics: Enhancing Civic Literacy and Democracy Briscoe, Shawn F. (May 2009). Forensics: Enhancing civic literacy and democracy. Principal Leadership, 9(9), 44-49.
    This article from Principal Leadership provides a synopsis of forensics and its relationship to the broader curriculum.
  • A Better Investment Not Found on Wall Street Carr, J.E. (2002). A better investment not found on Wall Street. Rostrum, 76(5), 25-26.
    This research documents the connection between forensics participation and quantifiable gains in writing and literacy.
  • Assigned Advocacy, Argumentation, and Debate in High School Classrooms Wade, J.M. & Zorwick, L. W. (2009). Assigned advocacy, argumentation, and debate in high school classrooms. Rostrum, 83(8), 13-15.
    This research demonstrates argumentation and debate in classroom leads to gains in engagement and participation, skill development, content knowledge, and academic performance.
  • In Defense of Competitive Speech Crawford, Rob. (2003). In Defense of Competitive Speech. Rostrum, 78(3), 19-21.
    This article explains how speech and debate education fulfills three primary components of gifted and talented education (GATE): acceleration, enrichment, and mentorship.
  • Your Community Doesn’t Have to Win Nationals Billman, J. (2008). They don’t have to win nationals: The benefits of forensics to parents, communities, and society. Rostrum, 82(9), 97-99.
    This article discusses the importance of speech and debate including emotional maturity, community engagement, political participation, productivity and quality of life.

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