New York City Urban Debate League


<div> <span><b>Congratulations at the Georgetown Tournament!!!</b>&nbsp; &nbsp;New York City’s top debaters traveled to the Georgetown Invitational over the weekend and faced the top teams from across the nation – California, Texas, Florida, Chicago and other states across the nation. &nbsp;Nevertheless, our Great Debaters had an amazing Cinderella story of overcoming above all obstacles. &nbsp;</span>Two NYCUDL teams advanced to elimination rounds. &nbsp;Shout outs to ACORN’s Tyler Anderson &amp; Jonathon Diaz and Bronx Law’s Geordano Liriano and Charles Athanasopolous for their incredible showing!! &nbsp;Both teams had winning records, 4-2 and 5-1 against some&nbsp;of the top schools in the nation and advanced to elimination rounds. &nbsp;Bronx Law dropped in their round to the Carrollton School, a private school where students pay $26,000/year from Kindergarden to 12th grade! &nbsp;ACORN advanced on a 3-0 decision to double-octofinals against Pace Academy where students pay $22,000/year since Kindergarden! &nbsp;ACORN narrowly lost one round away from a Tournament of Championships bid. &nbsp;Incredible Cinderella story for both teams. &nbsp;Shout outs to ACORN Community (Lee, Jen, Ben, Shana) and LGJ and our UDL community especially Andrew and Rashad for judging and coaching! &nbsp;Incredible weekend! </div>

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