New York City Urban Debate League

NYCUDL #3 at the East Bronx Academy!!

<p>On December 10th, the NYCUDL held its third tournament of the year at the East Bronx Academy. Shout outs to EBA, Ms. B and the Great Debaters of EBA!!!!! Wonderful food, wonderful music, wonderful debates, wonderful fun! We also were honored and humbled by our UDL guests from Chicago and Atlanta who helped founded the urban debate league movement and coordinate the urban debate league movement! So a historical tournament. Below are some highlights of the tournament!!!!!…..<br><strong><u><br>NYCUDL GOES VARSITY!<br></u></strong><br>On December 10th, 2011, the urban debate league movement in New York made another milestone by adding the Varsity division to EVERY NYCUDL TOURNAMENT! We had a small but highly competitive Varsity division featuring teams from Bronx Law, Brooklyn Tech, Banneker, and ACORN. The LGJ team of Charles Athanasopolous &amp; Geordano Liriano were the only undefeated team and won 1st place and also won 1st and 4th place speaker awards. Brooklyn Tech’s Jeffrey Chui &amp; Dominic Dipasquale took 2nd place. Jeffrey also took 2nd place overall best speaker. And Bronx Law’s Betty Mahmud and Nevia Gallimore took 3rd place. Betty also took 3rd Place Best Speaker. Brooklyn Tech’s Aamnah Khan and Kayla Thomas took 4th place best team award.</p> <!–more–><p><strong><u>PS 278 GOES UNDEFEATED!…. TWICE!!<br></u></strong><br>PS 278 had 2 perfect teams. Sam Perez &amp; Arnolj Kukaj went undefeated! And Fidel Maldonado &amp; Luis Ortiz also went undefeated! PS 278 fielded an impressive not 1, 2, 3, 4, but 5 middle school teams which topped its previous record. Loreily Carpio and Marykou Andrades, Arjeta Kukaj and Belmin Rama, and Crystal Minaya and Jasmin Vega helped make PS 278 makes its most impressive showing yet! </p> <p><strong><u>THE LUCKY NUMBER OF 10 FOR THE INSTITUTE OF COLLABORATIVE EDUCATION <br></u></strong><br>Ten middle school debate teams were from ICE.<br>Of the top ten middle school speaker awards, ICE debaters took six!<br>Of the top ten middle school team awards, ICE took four!<br>In the high school division, all of ICE’s teams were placed in the top ten!</p> <p>Middle School Top Team Awards<br>1st Place – Zander Buswinka &amp; Cooper Howard<br>2nd Place – Zander Donowitz &amp; Elija Newman<br>5th Place – Nick Ward &amp; Earnonn Hussie Taylor<br>9th Place – Adelaide Gaughran-Bedell &amp; Joel Little</p> <p>Middle School Top Speaker Awards<br>2nd Place – Zander Buswinka<br>3rd Place – Eamonn Hussie Taylor<br>4th Place – Elija Newman<br>8th Place – Zander Donowtiz<br>9th Place – Cooper Howard<br>10th Place – LeeAnn Bael</p> <p>High School Top Team Awards<br>2nd Place – Sasha Herman &amp; Liana Van Nostrand<br>3rd Place – Gabriella BenHutta &amp; David Heffernan<br>4th Place – Charlotee Ehrhardt &amp; Jordan Refol<br>8th Place – Julia Berdecia &amp; Zoe Katz</p> <p>High School Top Speaker Awards<br>3rd Place – Charlotee Ehrhardt<br>4th Place – Jordan Refol<br>6th Place – Sasha Herman</p> <p><strong><u>KIPP GOES UNDEFEATED!<br></u></strong><br>Adrian Belvitt &amp; Nakami Woodley of the KIPP Academy went undefeated in the third NYCUDL tournament of the year! They did so by beating teams from the two largest middle school programs in the league – The Institute for Collaborative Education and the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice. But names were not important, Adrian and Nakami scored decisive victories in both rounds and Adrian also walked away with the overall 5th place best speaker award! </p> <p><strong><u>EAST BRONX ACADEMY GOES UNDEFEATED!!!<br></u></strong><br>East Bronx Academy’s team of Lamont Scott &amp; Damien Karan had their most impressive tournament of the year and went undefeated by beating more experienced debaters and schools such as the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice and PS 278!! Way to go for the host team! East Bronx Academy featured one of the best tournaments of the year with lots of food, lots of great music, and lots of trophies!</p> <p><strong><u>ONE SCHOOL. TWO CITIES. MULTIPLE VICTORIES.<br></u></strong><br>Brooklyn Tech split their team to dominate two tournaments on Saturday. Brooklyn Tech sent a contingent of debaters to Ridge High School where they faced off against some of the best schools in the country! Simultaneously, they sent a continent of debaters to the NYCUDL #3 at the East Bronx Academy. And when I say contingent – I mean they sent more debaters than any other school despite being split in two! Brooklyn Tech teams dominated the novice division with eight different teams! Tiffany Tang led the Brooklyn Team by placing overall 2nd Place top speaker int he entire tournament and only .5 points from 1st Place! Tiffany and her teammate Dawod Rashid also took 2nd Place Top Team in the entire tournament! </p> <p>So a fantastic shout out to Brooklyn Tech and their program for their representation at both the NYCUDL and at national invitationals! </p> <p><strong><u>THE ACORN GREAT DEBATERS!<br></u></strong><br>Powerhouse ACORN Debate took two of the top ten speaker awards in the Varsity Division. Guilberly Loussaint placed fifth place! Jequan Davis took ninth place overall!! Maria Medina also took twelfth place and Shamella Jeffers fifteen place! Indeed, ACORN and Bronx Law tied for the number of awards in the top fifteen best speakers of the entire tournament. Also shout outs for ACORN for video taping their debates to use for training for interested NYCUDL schools. ACORN has been one of the leading programs in the country when it comes to performance and critical debate! Videos of their debates are a model for all new and experienced debaters!</p> <p><strong><u>BENJAMIN BANNEKER TAKES FIFTH IN VARSITY AND TWO OF THE TOP TEN SPEAKER AWARDS! AND THEIR NOVICES GO VARSITY! WOW!<br></u></strong><br>Banneker’s team of Jason Smith &amp; Jared Cato went 2-1 and took fifth place overall. Jason also took 6th place best speaker and his partner Jared took 8th place best speaker. What was also most impressive than all the other teams of the NYCUDL is that Banneker pushed their Novices to debate Varsity! That’s right! The team of Christina Mangroo and Arielle Floyd had been undefeated in the October NYCUDL tournament in the Novice Division and so they decided to challenge themselves in the Varsity division! They did an incredible job especially given the fact that most novices want to stay in the novice division for as long as possible! So a huge shout out to Christina and Arielle! </p> <p><strong><u>BRONX DEFENDS HOME TURF! LGJ TAKES 1ST PLACE AWARDS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, NOVICE AND VARSITY!<br></u></strong><br>In the Middle School Division, Fanta Swaray scored an upset 1st Place Best Speaker Award in a division dominated by the Institute of Collaborative Education. By only .5 points she edged out three other top speakers from ICE. Ruben Maria also won 7th place best speaker and placed as the third place best team with his partner Samuel Rodriguez by going undefeated! Fanta Swaray and her partner Tyra Williams also went undefeated and took 7th place overall!</p> <p>In the Varsity High School Division, Bronx Law took the first place top team award and the first place top speaker award! Charles Athanasopolous &amp; Geordano Liriano took 1st Place by going undefeated. LGJ’s Betty Mahmud &amp; Nevia Gallimore finished 3rd Place best team! Geordano took 1st place best speaker, Betty took 3rd place best speaker, Charles took 4th place best speaker and Nevia took 10th place best speaker – to make an impressive domination of the Varsity Division.</p> <p>Finally, in the Novice Division, LGJ dominated by taking half of the top ten team awards and half of the top ten speaker awards!!! </p> <p>Novice Best Teams<br>1st Place – Stephanie Castillo &amp; Raymond Venture Marte<br>6th Place – Starr Arroyo &amp; Ashley Meija<br>7th Place – Angel Marte &amp; Kaitlin Aviles<br>9th Place – Ibrahima Sene &amp; Elizah Caban<br>10th Place – Bryan Andrade &amp; Tyana Nunez</p> <p>Novice Best Speaker Awards<br>1st Place – Kaitlin Aviles<br>5th Place – Starr Arryoyo<br>7th Place – Stephanie Castillo<br>8th Place – Raymond Venture Marte<br>10th Place – Ashley Meija</p>

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