New York City Urban Debate League


<div> <span>Today, a new poll from the National Debate Coaches Association ranked Bronx Law’s Charles &amp; Geo 2nd Place in the entire country! &nbsp;Charles and Geo have been debating since the 7th grade in the New York City Urban Debate League. &nbsp;They first participated in our middle school debate program and quickly won nearly every tournament. &nbsp;By their 8th grade year they participated in our travel program for high school students and won many of their high school rounds – despite being in middle school! &nbsp;And in their high school years, they started winning entire tournaments! &nbsp;As a debate coach I have rarely seen debaters guided by so much passion for debate. &nbsp; So Congratulations :Charles and Geo and thank you to all their debate coaches over the past 6 years! &nbsp;Click <a href=”><span>here</span></a> for article or (<a href=””><span>http://hsimpact…;)</span> </div>”

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