New York City Urban Debate League

NYC Debate Center Presents Eli Jacobs!

<p>Every Saturday the NYC Urban Debate League hosts debate workshops facilitated by master debate coaches and alumni. Today, Eli Jacobs (see full biography below) presented a workshop on Impact Calculation and weighing in debate rounds.&nbsp;&nbsp;Eli debated at Centerville High School and Harvard University. At Centerville, he won the MBA tournament and was a two-time quarterfinalist at the Tournament of Champions. At Harvard, he was part of the #2 ranked national partnership, which won multiple tournaments as well as elimination rounds in three separate National Debate Tournaments. He was also the top speaker at Kentucky, USC, Fullerton, and the Dartmouth Round Robin.&nbsp;After college, Eli worked for two years on nuclear and biological weapons policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He then worked for two years with federal law enforcement agencies implementing Palantir data integration and analysis software. He is currently a member of the data analytics team at the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.&nbsp;Eli has extensive debate instruction experience. He taught a lab at the Miami University and Dartmouth, worked as an assistant coach at Harvard, and directed a debate clinic at CSIS, where he co-authored the debate manual Leadership through Persuasion. &nbsp;Debate has been at the core of Eli’s successes, and he is passionate about making similar opportunities available to students in NYC.</p>

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