New York City Urban Debate League

New York City Urban Debate League Dominates the States Championships!!! (March 31st- April 1st)

<p>Congratulations everyone for our most successful States Championships ever!!!&nbsp; Our debaters took 21 team awards including 1st or 2nd place in every division of debate!&nbsp; There were 40 individual speaking awards available at the States Tournaments and our debaters took over half of the awards with 25 different speaking awards including 1st or 2nd Place in every division!&nbsp; Amazing!&nbsp; Complete results of our debaters are at the end of this email!&nbsp; You can also check out Tabroom for the results of the entire tournament – <a href=”>https://www…; <!–more–><p>FULL RESULTS OF OUR DEBATERS VICTORIES AT THE NEW YORK STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!</p> <p>NOVICE TOP SPEAKERS<br>1st Place – Yasmin Nelson (Brooklyn Tech)<br>2nd Place – Anastasia Netrunenko (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>4th Place – Peter Dennie (ACORN)<br>5th Place – Modesto Nolasco (Benjamin Banneker)<br>6th Place – Shaquille Sinclair (Brooklyn Tech)<br>7th Place – Tiffany Tang (Brooklyn Tech)<br>8th Place – Eamonn Hussie-Taylor (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>9th Place – Hyebin Park (Brooklyn Tech)</p> <p>JUNIOR VARSITY TOP SPEAKERS<br>1st Place – Fiona Liu (Brooklyn Tech)<br>2nd Place – Jeffrey Chui (Brooklyn Tech)<br>4th Place – Mohammed Hossain (Brooklyn Tech)<br>5th Place – Alex Viner (Brooklyn Tech)<br>7th Place – Shamela Jeffers (ACORN)<br>8th Place – Natalie Palaichiuk (Brooklyn Tech)<br>9th Place – Trent Frasor (Benjamin Banneker)<br>10th Place – Guilberly Loussaint (ACORN)</p> <p>VARSITY TOP SPEAKER AWARDS<br>3rd Place – Betty Mahmud (Bronx Law)<br>4th Place – Tyler Anderson (ACORN)<br>7th Place – Lenny Herrera (Bronx Law)</p> <p>MIDDLE SCHOOL TOP SPEAKERS<br>2nd Place – Sasha Herman (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>4th Place – Zander Buswinka (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>5th Place – Adrian Belvit (KIPP: AMP)<br>6th Place – Liana Van Nostrand (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>8th Place – Cooper Howard (Institute for Collaborative Education)<br>10th Place – Nicolette Versailles (KIPP: AMP)</p> <p>MIDDLE SCHOOL TOP TEAM AWARDS<br>2nd Place – Institute for Collaborative Education BH<br>Semifinalists – KIPP Academy<br>Semifinalists – Institute for Collaborative Education HV<br>Quarterfinalists – Institute for Collaborative Education BH</p> <p>NOVICE TOP TEAM AWARDS<br>1st Place – Brooklyn Tech TR<br>Semifinalists – Brooklyn Tech KS<br>Quarterfinalists – ACORN DO<br>Quarterfinalists – Institute for Collaborative Education HL<br>Octafinalists – Brooklyn Tech DO<br>Octafinalists – Institute for Collaborative Education BeHe<br>Octafinalists – Bronx Law AM<br>Octafinalists – Brooklyn Tech PN<br>Octafinalsits – ICE BN</p> <p>JUNIOR VARSITY TOP TEAM AWARDS<br>1st Place – Brooklyn Tech<br>2nd Place – Brooklyn Tech<br>3rd Place – Brooklyn Tech</p> <p>VARSITY TOP TEAM AWARDS<br>2nd Place – Bronx Law (AH)<br>Semifinalists – ACORN DA<br>Quarterfinalists – Bronx Law (LR)<br>Quarterfinalists – Brooklyn Tech (PD)</p>”

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