New York City Urban Debate League

Middle School Tournament #1 Results (9/29/18)

31 Schools, 229 Students, 135 Volunteers, Parents, and Staff, 2 boroughs, 2 tournaments, 2 schools, 3 debate events, 4 divisions, 1 workshop, 10 debate topics = historic debate tournament for New York City. Thank you everyone for participating! And thank you to the Axe-Houghton Foundation for making possible! Thank you for all our participating schools: Anderson Middle School, Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health &amp; Science Charter School, The Hamilton Grange School, Harlem Educational Actitives Fund, Hunter College, Hunter College High School, Hunters Point Community Middle School, MS/HS 368 In-Tech Academy, Inwood Academy for Leadership, Is 230 Junior High School, Marine Park Junior High School, IS 278, MS 243 Center School, M.S. 343 Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology, Ms 127, Our Lady Of Good Counsel, PS 84 Parents, Ps 161 Pedro Albizu Campos, Ps.161, The Speyer Legacy School, Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School – WHEELS, Westfield, New Jersey, Yorkville East Middle School, Yorkville, Upper East Side, West Prep Academy/MS421, Computer School, The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School, Q300 Parent-Teacher Association, Inc., PS Is 499q Queens College School for Math Science and…, Ps Is 266 and all our volunteers, parents, New York Cares, New York City Department of Education, and everyone for making this magical day possible!<!–more–><p>&nbsp;</p><p><span style=text-decoration: underline;”><strong><span data-offset-key=”3207b-62-0″><span data-text=”true”>Middle School Parliamentary &amp; Congressional Debate Tournament Photo Album</span></span></strong></span></p><p><strong><span data-offset-key=”3207b-62-0″><span data-text=”true”><a href=””>https://flic… style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong><span data-offset-key=”3207b-62-0″><span data-text=”true”>Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament Photo Album</span></span></strong></span></p><p><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong><span data-offset-key=”3207b-62-0″><span data-text=”true”><a href=””>https://flic… Public Forum Top Teams</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70308″>https://www… Public Forum Top Speakers</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70469″>https://www… Public Forum Top Teams</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70307″>https://www… Public Forum Debate Top Speakers</strong></p><p><a href=”;result_id=70468″>https://www… Parliamentary Debate Top Teams</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70464″>https://www… Parliamentary Debate Top Speakers</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70466″>https://www… Parliamentary Debate Top Teams</u></strong></p><p><strong><u><a href=”;result_id=70465″>https://www…;”

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