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Middle School City Debate Championships Results!

<p>Thank you everyone for attending the New York City Middle School Debate Championships this weekend!&nbsp; 40 Schools, 315 debaters, and 193 judges and volunteers – making this our largest middle school city championships ever!! Two days of incredible debates on dozens of debate topics!!&nbsp; 4 Preliminary Rounds and then Elimination rounds including Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Final Rounds! Congratulations to all!&nbsp; Huge thanks to PS 161 and the Hamilton Grange School for hosting! Huge thanks to all our judges, coaches, teachers, students, parents and staff for making everything possible! And thank you to all the coaches and students for devoting their entire weekend to debating which is why debate is the most rigorous academic program available!&nbsp;</p><!–more–><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The City Championships is our most rigorous tournament of the year.&nbsp; Each middle school from across the city is invited to send their top four teams. Students&nbsp;have to take on a myriad of debate topics. Topics included: Market rate housing in urban neighborhoods, prayer in schools, military intervention in Venezuela, animal testing, video games do more harm than good, right to vote for prisoners, nature versus nurture, Deblasio’s SHSAT admissions proposal, single gender classrooms, adolescent right to own medical decisions, carbon tax, increasing funding for space exploration, close the Rikers jail, open borders, limit military spending, holding congress accountable, banning the sale of products tested on animals, allowing prayer in public schools, opposing military intervention in Venezuela, allow citizens to sell own organs, banning advertising, establishing a 9-11 anti-discrimination act.</p><p class=p1″>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Tournament&nbsp; Results Link</strong></p><p><a href=”;result_id=92105″ rel=” noopener” target=”_blank”>Click here&nbsp;</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Parliamentary/Congress Tournament Photo Album</strong></p><p><a href=”;type=1&amp;l=371186140c”>https://www… Forum Tournament Photo Album</strong></p><p><em>Coming Soon!</em></p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p class=”p2″><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong><span class=”s1″>Public Forum Debate Topic</span></strong></span></p><p class=”p3″><span class=”s1″>Resolved: The United States should promote the development of market rate housing in urban neighborhoods.</span></p><p class=”p4″>&nbsp;</p><p class=”p2″><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong><span class=”s1″>Parliamentary Debate Topics</span></strong></span></p><p class=”p1″>&nbsp;</p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>PRELIM TOPICS</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would allow prayer in public schools.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House supports military intervention in Venezuela.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would ban animal testing</span></p><p class=”p6″>&nbsp;</p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>ELIMINATION TOPICS</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House believes video games do more harm than good.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would grant prisoners the right to vote.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House believes nature has more influence than nurture.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House supports Bill DeBlasio’s SHSAT admissions proposal.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House believes single gender classrooms are better than coed classrooms.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would grant adolescents the right to their own medical decisions.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would implement a carbon tax.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would increase funding for space exploration.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would close the Rikers Island Jail.</span></p><p class=”p5″><span class=”s1″>This House would implement open borders.</span></p><p class=”p6″><br><span class=”s1″></span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>CONGRESSIONAL/CITY COUNCIL DEBATE TOPICS</span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to hold congress accountable</span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to limit military spending </span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to ban the sale of products tested on animals</span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to allow prayer in public schools</span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to oppose military intervention in venezuela </span></p><p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>A resolution to allow citizens to legally sell their own organs

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