New York City Urban Debate League

Dream Team in Newsweek

In 2023, the NYCUDL worked hard to increase the depth of opportunities available to our debaters. We strive to provide programming that prepares students to succeed in school, college, and beyond. As part of this effort, we launched the NYCUDL Wake Forest Dream Team. This partnership provides cohorts of NYCUDL debaters with rigorous coaching from Wake Forest University’s highly accomplished and diverse debaters. The coaching staff includes the current college debate champion, who is a former NYCUDL debater! Dream Team debaters will compete on the national circuit, allowing them to be competitive for college debate scholarships. In addition to tuition assistance, we hope that participation in college debate will provide our students with a strong community from the start of their time in higher learning. As we approach the team’s first anniversary you can read all about it in Newsweek.






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