New York City Urban Debate League

Congratulations to NYC Debaters at the National Urban Debate League Championships!

<p>National Association of Urban Debate Leagues National Championships<br> Thursday, April 14-17, 2016 at San Francisco State University in California<br> NAUDL</p> <!–more–><p>Congratulations to NYC debaters at the National Urban Debate League Championships in San Francisco, California! Congratulations to Brooklyn Technical HS debaters Harrison Mahler &amp; Sam Sagawa for reaching Octofinals and good luck in elimination rounds! Congratulations to ACORN Community High School’s Britani Fraser for winning 13th top speaker in the nation! Both ACORN and Brooklyn Tech were the top ranked teams at the NYC City Championships Tournament. Both teams and teachers received full scholarships to attend the National Tournament in California! Thank you to the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and thank you to Board Chair David Budinger for sponsoring our teams in California!</p> <p><img class=alignundefined” title=”13012865_1076892982357538_8637543111550449140_n” src=”” alt=””></p>”

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