New York City Urban Debate League

70th Anniversary: Brown v Board of Education

At the New York City Urban Debate League we are determined to fulfill the promise made by the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education made 70 years ago today. We strive to close the opportunity gap that still exists today by creating equitable access to academic debate opportunities with a focus on students of color and students from other historically underserved communities in New York City to empower the next generation of diverse, informed, and courageous leaders.
In 2021 the Civil Rights Project found that New York state is the most segregated state for Black students and the second most segregated state for Latine students. Today on the 70th anniversary of the Brown v Board decision, our students take you on a brief reenactment of the history of the case.


Our Board, Lawyers’ Advisory Council, and Executives’ & Finance Professionals’ Advisory Council shed light on the inequity that still exists in education today. They discuss why they support the work of the NYCUDL and debate’s power to help level the playing field so that all our children can achieve their full potential and develop the skills and self-assurance that are critically important to their actively participating and assuming leadership roles in our democracy. Read the op-ed:
Our annual gala will take place at Tribeca Rooftop on June 6th and will be themed: 70 Years Later, Fulfilling the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education. We are humbled to be a part of the important work to ensure all students have access to quality educational opportunities and positive life outcomes.
Those interested in joining can purchase tickets at We’d love to have your support.
If you can’t attend the gala, please consider giving a gift to support our work at https://debate…. Donations to our mission are deeply appreciated and vital to our continued success. Together, we can fulfill the promise to the students of New York City made 70 years ago today.

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