New York City Urban Debate League

3/11 Open League Tournament Moved Online

Yesterday a number of schools reached out to us with concerns regarding the weather for tomorrow’s tournament. This is not only our last regular season tournament of the year, but it is the last opportunity for our students to earn qualification to the end of season championship.

Although we would like to hold this tournament live, expected heavy rains overnight and likely snowfall between 6am and 10am makes it likely that there would be significant disruption to both the timing of the start of the tournament and to the ability of at least some schools and students to participate. We may also lose a significant number of volunteer judges.

As a result, we will be moving the tournament online. 

The schedule is below.

If you do need to make any entry changes you may do so, but you cannot increase your total number of entries. You can make these changes yourself until 4pm and you can also email your outreach person to make changes before or after 4pm.

If you need any help with linking students/online access, our staff will be available online from 12-6 at We can also help with changes at that time.

Today we will focus on getting the online tournament prepared for tomorrow and we are eager to provide any assistance you may need with that. If you have any concerns about the decision itself, we will provide a forum for that discussion next week.

The tournament will run on our regular platform:  That platform will be up by 12pm.


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