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2022 Blog: Read All About Our Busy January

JAN 17: We celebrated MLK Day with our students today

What better way to honor the life of Dr. King than in the company of our favorite people- our wonderful students!? We started the morning with a debate fundamentals workshop with our awesome Title 1 school debaters. After that we welcomed students from our league schools and Debate Club to be together for a viewing of “Boy King” a documentary about Dr. King as a young boy. The movie viewing was followed by discussion and an activity. We hope our debaters feel inspired about the future– we are so proud they will be the ones shaping it.

JAN 16: Job Skills Workshop for Youth Leaders was very fun and informative

Our Youth Leadership program consists of ten amazing students who excelled as Summer Leaders and through the program are now making an even bigger commitment to the NYCUDL. We have been so lucky to have their help this year—room running at tournaments, helping with workshops, judging, co-coaching Debate Club, (creating literal apps!!) for our judges and coaches. There’s truly nothing they can’t do. In addition to their volunteer, the league offers them intermittent workshops on applying to college, resume writing, job skills, etc. We had an awesome workshop today on “How To Be Successful in a First Job, but we can’t tell you all the tricks here—you have to be a Youth Leader!

JAN 9: Debate Club is off to a great start!

We kicked off winter session on  with 72 debaters in our Sunday morning club. There has been eager embrace of the club topics on fracking (high school), gambling (middle school), and the ethics of eating meat (elementary). We are always surprised and delighted by the academic energy these debaters display at 9:30am on Sunday morning! It’s incredible. Here are a few pictures from today’s session in the Orange Lab. These students maybe the youngest in the club, but they are not to be underestimated!



JAN 8: And just like that…our first tournament of the New Year was a blast! 

This year we really hit the ground running!  We had our first open league tournament just one week into the new year. Was it a whirlwind to prep for? Yes! Was it an incredible time? Of course, yes! We had 49 schools and over 250 teams compete, and we welcomed Academy for Conservation and Sciences to the league. We also welcomed back Edward R. Murrow High School and Central Park East High School. So good to see familiar faces! The tournament ended with incredible guest speaker John M. Bredehoft, alum of Cardinal Spellman, one of our league schools. The students were inspired to hear about his journey from high school debate in the Bronx to Harvard Law. We also announced our new league topic for public forum: “On balance, the benefits of domestic fracking outweigh the harms.” We can’t wait to learn more from our students about this important issue next month! Thank you to our incredible coaches and volunteers who never stop working hard for the students.

JAN 6: Our January newsletter is out!

Check out The Resolution this month for a look back at the District 9 debut tournament and our third open league tournament in December. We also cover all events coming up in January including our next MSQI and open league tournament, as well as our first District 7 tournament of the year! It’s gonna be a busy month. See how you can support and get involved!

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DEC 30: How do you measure a year?

We crunched the numbers and 2021 was quite a year! We are proud to have served 2,671 students from 163 schools. And who can count the cases, block files, ballots, volunteer judges, coach trainings, and everything else it takes for our students to have this activity? We’re so excited to bring debate to even more students in 2022.

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DEC 27: We are now accepting crypto currency donations!

Our debaters have been working hard to learn about crypto regulations for a recent resolution, and we’ve been learning right along side them.  The NYCUDL is proud to now accept cryptocurrency donations through The Giving Block. Now you have even more ways to support our students. Become one of our first cryptocurrency donor’s today!

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