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With debate practices everyday, debate tournaments every weekend, summer debate institutes from the first day of summer to the last day of summer, and community debate leagues throughout New York City including the Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Queens Debate LeagueHarlem Debate League, and the Girls Debate League – we are the largest and most successful citywide debate league in the nation. The New York City Middle School Debate League is the largest middle school debate league in the nation. The New York City High School Debate League is one of the most successful debate leagues in the nation.  The New York City Elementary School Debate League is the first debate league of its kind in the nation. 


About Us

Our Mission: Every school should have a debate team. Every student should have access to the best debate education opportunities for college, career, and civic success.

The New York City Urban Debate League prepares students in the United States' largest school system to develop college, career, civic, and 21st century learning skills through academic debate.

The Latest New York City Debate News!

Featuring the Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Harlem Debate League, Queens Debate League, Girls Debate League and more!  Learn all the recent news about New York City’s middle school and high school debate leagues!

Bronx Borough Championships!

PRESS RELEASE:  Bronx Borough Councilman Cabrera continues push for Success of Bronx youth at P.S./M.S. 15 Bronx, New York – The first day of June marks the beginning of a transition for students and teachers across the country. The days – warmer, schools –... read more

Bronx Scrimmage at Dreamyard!

Dreamyard Prep hosted Bronx’s first mini-tournament on Saturday, April 29th! 16 new debaters from Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan debate the Electoral College. Three rounds later, Young Women’s Leadership’s Marsha Darbouze (debating alone!)... read more

NYC High School Debate Tournament Results! (2/11/17)

44 Schools! 286 students! 113 judges! Thank you to everyone for making our largest High School Debate Tournament yet! Thank you so much to Bronx Collaborative High School and the incredible Principal Schneider for being such an incredible host! Thank you to both the... read more

December Scrimmage Tournament @ PS/MS 129

    Thank you to John H. Finley Campus School, PS/MS 129M for hosting our first Harlem Scrimmage of the year and congratulations for starting a debate program! Thank you to all attendees and judges for our first scrimmage! Click here for Scrimmage Photo... read more

12/11 Fall Elementary Tournament Results @ PS 161

    First elementary school tournament of the year! Thank you to Mr. Beattie and PS 161 for hosting and making this tournament possible! The debate topic for the day was “This House would ban zoos.” Inspirational day to see elementary students... read more

2016 Young Urban Hero

Passionate about social justice, 10th grader Feiry Guiaba is a founding member of the debate team at the High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice. Growing up in West Harlem, he began debating with the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) in 7th grade,... read more

New York City’s First Debate Educators Conference!

Thank you to over 50 debate educators joining us for the inaugural Debate Con! New York City’s first debate educators conference! Thank you to Aubrey Semple, Militza Diaz, Meagan Kowaleski, Eric DiMichele, Andrew Dale White Geathers, and Katie Vitale for... read more

Girls Debate Tournament Results!

Congratulations to all the participants of our Spring Girls Debate Tournament! Thank you to the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute and Silberman Graduate School. Thank you to all our incredible speakers and workshops! The topic was on Title IX and the day featured... read more

Middle School Tournament Results (2/4/17)

Our last regular season middle school tournament of the school year! 32 schools, 306 students, 151 judges! Thank you everyone for making this tournament possible. Thank you to Midwood High School for hosting!  Thank you to everyone for making this tournament such a... read more

Bronx/Manhattan Middle School Tournament Results

Thank you to the Anderson School and Computer School for hosting our January middle school tournament for Manhattan and Bronx schools.  24 schools, 263 students, and 128 judges attended the tournament!  Thank you to all our judges, volunteers, staff, teachers,... read more


Thank you to Intelligence Squared for hosting us on January 11th the topic whether policing is racially biased.  “In 2014, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, set off a wave of protests and sparked a movement targeting racial disparities in criminal... read more

Brooklyn/Queens January Middle School Debate Tournament!

Thank you to KAPPA VI for hosting for the second year the Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational Tournament for Brooklyn and Queens schools! Registration Link Registration Link for Judges and Volunteers!... read more

Calvin Coolidge Debate Invitational!

Thank you to the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, William C. Bryant High School, and 32 high schools, 170 students, 63 volunteer citizen judges, not to mention parents, guests, family members, teachers and staff who made the 2016 NYC Coolidge Cup Qualifying... read more

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