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With debate practices everyday, debate tournaments every weekend, summer debate institutes from the first day of summer to the last day of summer, and community debate leagues throughout New York City including the Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Queens Debate LeagueHarlem Debate League, and the Girls Debate League – we are the largest and most successful citywide debate league in the nation. The New York City Middle School Debate League is the largest middle school debate league in the nation. The New York City High School Debate League is one of the most successful debate leagues in the nation.  The New York City Elementary School Debate League is the first debate league of its kind in the nation. 


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Our Mission: Every school should have a debate team. Every student should have access to the best debate education opportunities for college, career, and civic success.

The New York City Urban Debate League prepares students in the United States' largest school system to develop college, career, civic, and 21st century learning skills through academic debate.

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We would like to thank Council Member Torres for hosting our first annual Torres Debates!!!  MS 45 is one of the top MSQI debate schools in the league and host of our annual MSQI debate.  Click here for the video of our MSQI Debate Tournament at MS 45!  Council Member Torres was also a debater in high school and visited MS 45 for a special workshop and debate coaching session with the debate team of MS 45.    More about Council Member Torres Councilmember Ritchie Torres was elected to office in November 2013 to represent the communities of the Central Bronx. Ritchie is the first openly gay candidate to be elected to legislative office in the Bronx and the youngest member of the City Council.  A lifelong son of the Bronx, Ritchie was raised in a single-parent household, growing up and living most of his life in a NYCHA public housing development.  When Ritchie’s mother lost the only good job she ever had and precariously shifted from low-wage job to low-wage job, his family struggled to keep up and needed to rely on social safety net programs to survive.  His family’s hardship instilled in Ritchie a deep-seated commitment to serve New York’s low-income and working class communities. Ritchie is a product of Bronx public schools, and got an early start in public service at the age of 16.  While attending Lehman High School he was selected to be the “Community Board District Manager For A Day” with James Vacca, who went on to became the local City Council Member.  Ritchie worked for Vacca’s first campaign in 2005 and by... read more

NYC Urban Debate League Featured in the Chancellor’s Letter

Our partnership with the New York City Urban Debate League was featured in the Chancellor’s Letter, highlighting the impact of scholastic debate.  On March 28th the NYC Urban Debate League and Bronx Debate League hosted a debate tournament at MS 45 for the Middle School Quality Initiative.  Chancellor’s Article On Saturday, March 28, the Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) partnered with the New York City Urban Debate League to host its third debate tournament of the 2014-15 school year. The topic, or resolution, once again was drawn from Word Generation, a research-based program designed to help middle school students acquire academic vocabulary in language arts, math, science, and social studies classes. More than 250 middle school students from 25 MSQI schools participated in the most recent tournament, and over 50 high school debaters from the Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, and ACORN Community High School volunteered as debate mentors, facilitating workshops on debate strategy and on navigating the high school admissions process.  MSQI Debate League is led by its founder Ben Honoroff, one of the MSQI coaches. Matthew Doran, coach of the host school, M.S. 45, presented me with a team t-shirt sporting their team motto, “We Have Issues.” Hunters Point Community Middle School, M.S. 45, and North Star Academy took home the highest honors, but all participants were winners for dedicating their Saturday to engaging in a text-based, Common Core-aligned, academic activity. MSQI will hold its annual Debate Championships on June 12 where students will be discussing whether the federal government should provide amnesty to undocumented... read more

2-21 High School Debate Tournament Feedback Form

February 21st Tournament Feedback Please let us know about your role at the tournament. You are a .....*Teacher/CoachStudent/DebaterJudgeParent/GuardianNYCUDL Tournament StaffTournament VolunteerOtherThe Tournament Registration and Invitation process was satisfactory.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeThe Tournament started and ended on time.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeThere was enough breakfast and lunch for everyone. (bagels, cream cheese, pizza, beverages, plates, cups, napkins, etc.)*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeThe Workshops after Round 3 were a positive experience.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeThe Awards Ceremony was a positive experience.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeThe quantity and quality of the Trophies, Medals, Gavels, and/or Certificates were positive experience for students. (ie trying to determine if we should have more awards, less awards, or keep the same. Our general rule is that ALL teams with winning records should receive a trophy and/or medal)*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeI was satisfied by the quality of the Judges at the tournament.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeI was satisfied by the work of Tournament Staff.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeStudents had a positive academic experience from this tournament.*Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeI would give this overall grade for the tournament.*A - excellent tournamentB - good tournamentC - average tournamentD - unsatisfactory tournamentF - failure, needs much improvementOverall Tournament Comments Please let us know any positive and/or negative feedback from the tournament. If you have shout outs to share for anyone in particular please share!!!! Please be as specific as possible to help us improve each tournament experience. Examples: (1) Schedule, (2) Awards Ceremony, (3) Judges, (4) Registration Process, (5) Staff, (6) Workshops, (7) anything else! Thank You! Name (Completely optional if you would like us to follow up with you) First Last This is an OPTIONAL field, because this is an anonymous survey. But if... read more

NYCUDL Debaters on Fox News Tomorrow to Comment on the Presidential Debate!

NYCUDL middle school debaters were invited to Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Show to comment on the first Republican Presidential Debate!  The show will be at 10:00pm on Sunday, August 9th as well as 1:00am on August 10th and Saturday August 15th, 10:00pm.  You can watch the show on Fox News Channel or the website,  Thank you to Coaches Tyler Beattie (PS 161) and Maria Williams (Harlem Success Academy) and our incredible debaters: Aida Bathily, 10th Grade SA Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, Bintou Cisse 8th Grade SA Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, Silma Bathily 7th Grade Success Academy Harlem West, Chase Earland 7th Grade Success Academy Harlem West, and Fiery Guapa, PS 161. Thank you to the Greg Gutfeld Show and NBC News for featuring our debaters!      ... read more


NYC Summer Debate Camp Season has begun! The first NYC Summer Debate Tournament was held at Columbia University on Friday, June 10th. The Tournament was the culminating event of the 2015 Harlem Summer Debate Institute which is a week long debate institute for beginning and advanced level debaters.  We thank the incredible staff, volunteers, coaches and Teachers College teaching staff for making the debate institute and debate tournament possible. Thank you everyone!  Complete Results Schematics Speaker Awards Team Awards ADVANCED PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE TOP SPEAKERS 1st Place – Herbert Espinal 2nd Place – Nate Kruger 3rd Place – Hansie Wang 4th Place – Nelson Sanchez 5th Place – Maverick 6th Place – Chase Earland 7th Place – Dashaun Conde 8th Place – Alex Gonzaga 9th Place – Claire Park 10th Place – Joshua Garrison ADVANCED PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE TOP SPEAKERS 1st Place – Rajendra Singh 2nd Place – Jagger Helfand 3rd Place – Julio Cordero 4th Place – Mira Mehta 5th Place – Feiry Guaba 6th Place – Allan Rivas 7th Place – Santiago Espejel 8th Place – Zach Garmers 9th Place – Bharvi Chavre 10th Place – Dylan Robinson BEGINNER PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE TOP SPEAKERS 1st Place – Isaiah Santana 2nd Place – Kiana Colon 3rd Place – Bryant Diaz 4th Place – Micaela Jose 5th Place – Mariah Vidal 6th Place – Aijiana Lukosevicius 7th Place – Ibani Santana 8th Place – Nicole Yim 9th Place – Christopher Sanchez 10th Place – Alan Bisono 11th Place – Kamren Thomas 12th Place – Lucas Lu BEGINNER PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE TOP SPEAKERS 1st Place – Preston Ferraiuolo 2nd Place – Tammee... read more

Middle School Debate End of Year Awards Ceremony & Pot Luck!

Dear Middle School Debate Schools, You are cordially invited to attend the NYC Middle School Debate League’s End of the Year Awards Ceremony and Pot Luck.  Thank you to PS 161 for hosting our 2014-2015 Season End of Year Awards Ceremony.  This is an end of the year celebration to celebrate all our debaters, honor our top speakers, schools, debate teams and other honorees, and just have a lot of fun with a year end BBQ, picnic and pot luck!  Students, Parents, Families, Teachers – everyone in the middle school debate league is invited!  Just make sure to bring a dish for out pot luck!  Location: PS 161, 499 West 133 Street, Manhattan, NY 10027 Date: Saturday, June 13th Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm... read more


If you missed our newsletter, check out these summer debate institute opportunities!  All NYCUDL debate institutes are free!  Girls Debate League members are also eligible for free summer debate scholarships at the Women’s Debate Institute, Bella Azbug Leadership and Debate Institute and the NYCUDL Girls Debate Institute!  See your coaches for more information or our summer debate camp site!   NYC SUMMER DEBATE INSTITUTE DIRECTORY   OVERNIGHT DEBATE CAMP! THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. SUMMER DEBATE INSTITUTE @ MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY  August 3rd – August 7th Making history as the New York City Urban Debate League’s first overnight debate camp! This overnight debate institute is free for our top high school debaters. Students will spend one week at Monmouth University and will have complete access to libraries, computer labs, dormitories, gyms, track, Jersey Shore, beaches, an award winning debate faculty, and more – to make this one of our most exciting programs of the year.  We thank Monmouth University and Professor Joe Patten for making this opportunity possible for our high school debaters. Click here to learn more! Application Link. MANHATTAN DEBATE INSTITUTE  (HIGH SCHOOL) July 20th – July 31st.  Our Varsity and Novice High School Debate Institute is located at the beautiful and newSilberman School of Social Work.  Students have access to computer labs, library and state of the art classrooms. While all our debate institutes feature a high school division, this is our largest high school debate institute and most research intensive with an optional track from 1:00pm-4:00pm in addition to our regular camp from 9:00am-1:00pm. Click here to learn more. Registration Link. MANHATTAN DEBATE INSTITUTE (MIDDLE SCHOOL) July 20th... read more

Women’s Debate Institute Travel Scholarship Opportunities!

The NYCUDL is offering free travel scholarships to all NYCUDL debaters accepted to the Women’s Debate Institute!  That means the entire Women’s Debate Institute – tuition, housing, meals and travel is completely free for NYCUDL debaters!  Make sure you contact us as soon as possible upon acceptance. For more information about the Women’s Debate Institute, see below!   Skip to content ABOUT FACULTY COMING TO WDI GAFFNEY FELLOWSHIP FELLOWS DONATE ROLE MODELS UNIVERSITIES WORKING AT THE WDI RESOURCES CONTACT The Women’s Debate Institute is a robust community dedicated to the education of young women. Each summer we host a national institute for high school and collegiate debaters. Our five day debate camp increases the number of girls involved in debate, teaches women to advocate for a more inclusive debate community, and helps students navigate a healthy transition to college. The WDI is extremely excited to announce that Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley will be the 2015 Keynote Speaker Audubon Center of the North Woods, Sandstone, Minnesota August 8-12, 2015 Tuition Free Learn More – Spring 2015 WDI Newsletter... read more


My name is Meghan, and I am a Program Associate at BALI. I was a trainee, then I was an intern, and now I am an official staff person (cool, right?). One big part of my job is to make sure that our BALI girls, and girls all over New York have access to meeting savvy women leaders, and helping design programs that allow girls grow into the leaders they were born to be by providing them opportunities that support confidence and expand their skill sets! As you all know, our own lady leader at BALI, Liz Abzug, is a firm believer in formal debate training as a pathway to enhancing public speaking abilities, critical thinking, professional writing, research, and other skills that support civic success. And girls, she is right! Our collaboration with the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) makes all of this possible. Before I was trained at BALI, I thought I had no place in political life and formal debate, but now I represent our great organization and all of the incredible things the young women of BALI are doing to better themselves and their communities to diplomats and leaders from around the world! In an effort to continually expand our network of femininjas, BALI co-hosted our annual Springtime One-Day Debate Training just for Middle School girls at the Hunter College Silbermen graduate center on March 23, 2015. Our new BALI girls spent the morning eating breakfast and getting to know each other; we trained over 100 girls from 11 different schools. Some of the girls have debate teams at their school, and other girls... read more


Brooklyn Tech HS hosted its graduation ceremony last week and one of its graduates is the New York State Champion, Dante deBlasio.  Dante, who is heading to Yale University in the fall, received an award for the debate club at the graduation ceremony.  Mayor de Blasio delivered the commencement speech.  The mayor said the 17-year-old often had vanquished him during debates in the car on their rides to school.  He praised Dante’s work for the Brooklyn Tech debate team, saying he turned their “amicable” morning chats when de Blasio drove his son to school into “meta-blowout debates” after Dante joined the team. “And you can guess who won most of the time,” de Blasio said to laughter from the crowd.   New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged his son, Dante—and classmates graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School on Friday—to use their gifts to fight injustice and find “a real sense of the possible.”  Alluding to the deadly shooting Wednesday night at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., the mayor said, “It would not be unfair for you to feel cynical or angry or frustrated” by such tragic realities.  But he encouraged the eager graduates at Barclays Center to embrace peaceful protest and civic engagement and to work together for a better society.  “Do not stand idly by,” he said, “because your talents are so great and change is needed so badly.” –  (See New York Times Article for full text) Congratulations again to the Brooklyn Tech High School Debate Team which is one of the largest and most successful debate teams in the city.  And congratulations to our entire graduating... read more

May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament Results!

Public Forum Team Awards School Sweepstakes Awards Public Forum Speaker Awards Public Forum Schematics Complete Results Thank you KIPP Academy and the Brooklyn Debate League for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament!   The national public forum debate topic was Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States.  Thank you so much to all the incredible volunteers, judges, coaches, teachers, parents, alumni and staff that made this tournament possible. And thank you so much for KIPP Academy for being such an incredible host and having so many community volunteers!    TOP TEAM AWARDS ADVANCED PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE (ALL TEAMS UNDEFEATED!) 1st Place – Institute for Collaborative Education (Jules Walzer-Goldfeld and Daniel Fernandez) 2nd Place – Horace Mann (Max Chung and Shay Soodak) 3rd Place – Institute for Collaborative Education (Zayaan Shariff and Stefan Walzer Goldfield) 4th Place – Horace Mann (Sajan Mehrotra and Andrew Coasun) 5th Place – Institute for Collaborative Education (Jose Ingall and Emily Hur) 6th Place – Institute for Collaborative Education (Liberty Lehr and Claire Buchanan) TOP TEAM AWARDS BEGINNERS PUBLIC FORUM (ALL TEAMS UNDEFEATED) 1st Place – Hunters Point Community MS (Caitlin Bost and Zachary Garmers) 2nd Place – AGAPE (Maya Guaseelan and Venkatesh Gunaseelan) 3rd Place – PS/MS 15 Instittue for Environmental Learning 4th Place – IS 302 Rafael Cordero y Molina (Arbaz Peters & Justin Matos) TOP SPEAKER AWARDS BEGINNERS PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE 1st Place – Sajan Mehrotra (Horace Mann) 2nd Place – Joanis Arthur (Equity Project) 3rd Place – Max Chung (Horace Mann) 4th Place – James Harrison (Institute... read more

May Middle School Debate League Tournament!

Thank you to the KIPP Academy and Brooklyn Debate League for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament. The topic for the tournament is Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States. (262 schools and 451 students voted for the resolution. The winning resolution received 65% of the school vote and 64% of the student... read more


Our Manhattan High School Summer Debate Tournament concluded last week with Dan’s Debates!  Thanks to Councilmember Dan Garodnick for hosting another summer of debates! This is the third consecutive summer of debates at Hunter College made possible by Council Member Dan Garodnick.  The Manhattan High School Summer Debate Tournament was the culminating event after two weeks of our high school summer debate institute at the Silberman Graduate School of Social Work.  Thank you to all our instructors, volunteers, coaches, teachers, students, interns, staff, parents and everyone for making the Manhattan Middle School Summer Debate Tournament possible!  Tournament results below! Complete Results Schematics Top Speakers Top Team Awards TOP TEAMS ADVANCED POLICY DEBATE 1st Place – Shawn Hseuh & Abdullah Ridawan 2nd Place – William Lin & Manasi Singh 3rd Place – Elizabeth Wu & Anaz 4th Place – Fariha Rahman & Ian DeSoucey 5th Place – Naya Mason & Andrea Reid ADVANCED PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE 1st Place – Max Chung & Feiry Guaba 2nd Place – Mathias Salmon & Julie Kuang 3rd Place – Haley Resnick & Jada Yang 4th Place – Syu Caballero & Julio Cordero 5th Place – Lawshawn Miller & Justin Thomas BALI PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE 1st Place – Jennifer Tham & Julie Woundenberg 2nd Place – Zoe Wong & Teseeten Lhamo 3rd Place – Sharon Lu & Similejesu Sonubi 4th Place – Afiya Letford & Alice Xu 5th Place – Jenny Chen & Jourdan Smithwick NOVICE PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE 1st Place – Sam Ebersole & Nick HIll 2nd Place – Sarah Thomas & John Mcihael McCann 3rd Place – Wonyoung Shin &* Jersemy Kim 4th Place – Karen... read more

NYCUDL Debaters on Fox News Tomorrow to Comment on the Presidential Debate!

NYCUDL middle school debaters were invited to Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Show to comment on the first Republican Presidential Debate!  The show will be at 10:00pm on Sunday, August 9th as well as 1:00am on August 10th and Saturday August 15th, 10:00pm.  You can watch the show on Fox News Channel or the website,  Thank you to Coaches Tyler Beattie (PS 161) and Maria Williams (Harlem Success Academy) and our incredible debaters: Aida Bathily, 10th Grade SA Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, Bintou Cisse 8th Grade SA Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, Silma Bathily 7th Grade Success Academy Harlem West, Chase Earland 7th Grade Success Academy Harlem West, and Fiery Guapa, PS 161. Thank you to the Greg Gutfeld Show and NBC News for featuring our debaters!      ... read more

The Kallos Debates 2015!

Thank you to NYC Council Member Ben Kallos, Communications Director Sarah Anders, Principal Klann, the Julia Richman Education Complex Schools, and the 200+ students, teachers, volunteers and staff who made our 2015 Kallos Debates possible! Thank you so much for an incredible debate on a Sunday on topics ranging from the death penalty to Iraq to congressional term limits to oil fracking!  See links below for tournament photo album and full tournament results!  Link to Kallos Debates 2015 Photo Album Link to Kallos Debates Flier Full Results Top Team Awards Top Speaker Awards Schematics   Thanks to the support of Council Member Kallos and the Julia Richman Education Complex, we hosted a citywide debate tournament on May 31st for NYC middle school and high school students.  The day featured    About Councilmember Kallos ( At the beginning of his career in public service, Ben Kallos put Albany voting records online so New Yorkers could hold politicians accountable. Since then, he has run a government reform organization that helped defeat a corrupt politician and has served as Policy Director for former Public Advocate Mark Green. Council Member Kallos serves as Chair of the Committee on Governmental Operations of the City Council, where he has fought to bring reform and transparency to government agencies. Praised by the New York Times for his “fresh ideas,” Council Member Kallos has advocated for improving our schools, senior services and transportation. Council Member Kallos graduated from Bronx Science, SUNY Albany and SUNY Buffalo Law School. He has a background in law, working as a union-side labor attorney, as well as technology and government, and has... read more

NYCUDL Elementary School Debater Introduces Legislation Before the NY State Assembly!

NYCUDL Elementary School Debater Introduces Legislation Great Article on one of our NYC Debate Club students, Eliot Seol!  Congratulations Eliot!!!!  Bill is initiated by a 10-year-old boy by Liz Rhoades, Managing Editor | Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2015 10:30 am Bill is initiated by a 10-year-old boy 1 Eliot Seol, 10, of Douglaston participates in a press conference in Albany on his idea for a bill to recycle batteries. With him is state Sen. Tony Avella. He’s 10 years old and already trying to make a difference in the environment. Eliot Seol’s mission began a couple of years ago and came to fruition last Wednesday, Earth Day, when his idea for a bill to recycle batteries was introduced by state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) Seol, a fifth-grader at PS 205 in Douglaston, spent the day in Albany with his parents, meeting with Avella, touring the Capitol and participating in a press conference after the bill was introduced. “The day was tremendously important and fun,” he said. “I got to visit the Senate chambers.” The 10-year-old’s bill calls for mandatory recycling of all single-use batteries. The legislation would require that all batteries be properly recycled in order to cut down on the environmental impact of certain chemicals and toxic metals they may contain from being dumped into landfills as garbage. New York State law now requires that only rechargeable batteries be recycled, leaving millions of other household batteries each year to be disposed of in landfills and other garbage areas. Avella believes that practice creates unnecessary waste from items that could be recycled and reused. Eliot said he learned about the... read more


Thanks everyone for attending our April High School Tournament!  Thank you to William Cullen Bryant High School and the Queens Debate League for hosting!!  Congratulations to all participants and all winners! Thank you to all our coaches, judges, staff, and volunteers who made this tournament possible. Next and last tournament of the school year is on May 31st at the Julia Richman Education Comple in Manhattan. Below are the results of last Saturday’s tournament! Complete Results Schematics School Sweepstakes Awards Top Speaker Awards Top Team Awards       SCHOOL SWEEPSTAKES AWARDS 1st Place – Asbury Park High School 2nd Place – Berkeley Carroll 3rd Place – Stuyvesant High School 4th Place – Success Academy High School 5th Place – William Grady Career and Technical  HS 6th Place – Maspeth High School 7th Place – AGAPE (Long Island) 8th Place – NYC Debate club 9th Place – AGAPE (Princeton) 10th Place – Anderson School   PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE TOP TEAM AWARDS 1st Place – Manish Saha, Lorenz Vargas and Ibnul Jahan (Stuyvesant HS) 2nd Place – Rocco Sanabria, Horia Negru, Uros Petrovic (Maspeth HS) 3rd Place – Andrew Lee, Andrew Chen, Eelia Shaw (Stuyvesant HS) 4th Place – Leo Belman, Will Swartz, Nick Carey (Berkeley Carroll) 5th Place – Eric Li, Isaac Rose-Berman, Daniel Ju (Stuyvesant HS)   PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE TOP TEAM AWARDS 1st Place – Matthew Ottomano and Yassmine Hussein (William Cullen Bryant HS) 2nd Place – Siddique Baksh and David Grant (Science Technology and Research HS) 3rd Place – Maminder Singh and Giselle Pegaitaz (William Cullen Bryant HS) 4th Place – Stefan Walzer-Goldfeld & Zayaan Shariff (Institute for... read more

April 25th High School Debate Tournament!

NYCUDL April HS Debate Tournament WC Bryant High School    On behalf of the New York City Urban Debate League and Queens Debate League, you are cordially invited to the NYCUDL April HS Debate Tournament on April 25th for a day of exciting, fun and intense debate excitement.   We will offer three debate formats: Public Forum, featuring 4 rounds of debate of public forum debate and 3 rounds of policy debate and world/parliamentary debates.   Judges’ training will be available for individuals interested in judging public forum, policy, and parliamentary debates.   All questions, concerns and/or issues about the tournament should be directed to:   Tournament/Program Director: Aubrey Semple –   Looking forward to seeing you all,   Program Director-Tournament Host – Aubrey Semple / New York City Urban Debate League  Executive Director – Erik Fogel / New York City Urban Debate League   ONLINE REGISTRATION  Registration will take place on   If you have any questions or issues regarding registration, please email the program director, Aubrey Semple   ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS 5PM – April 23rd, 2015   Once registration is closed on Wednesday April 23rd at 5pm, you may still drop or change the names of your entries and judges, but you may not add any additional names. Judging Assignment Each school must provide one judge for every four teams competing.   There will be judge training for new/inexperienced judges.  Providing a judge for training may also count toward fulfillment of your judging assignment.    Judges must check in on the morning of the tournament by 9:00am, the latest. TOPICS   Public Forum:... read more

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