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With debate practices everyday, debate tournaments every weekend, summer debate institutes from the first day of summer to the last day of summer, and community debate leagues throughout New York City including the Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Queens Debate LeagueHarlem Debate League, and the Girls Debate League – we are the largest citywide debate league in the nation.


About Us

Our Mission: Every school should have a debate team. Every student should have access to the best debate education opportunities for college, career, and civic success.

The New York City Urban Debate League prepares students in the United States' largest school system to develop college, career, civic, and 21st century learning skills through academic debate.

The Latest New York City Debate News!

Featuring the Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Harlem Debate League, Queens Debate League, Girls Debate League and more! 


We would like to thank Council Member Torres for hosting our first annual Torres Debates!!!  MS 45 is one of the top MSQI debate schools in the league and host of our annual MSQI debate.  Click here for the video of our MSQI Debate Tournament at MS 45!  Council Member... read more

2-21 High School Debate Tournament Feedback Form

February 21st Tournament Feedback Please let us know about your role at the tournament. You are a .....*Teacher/CoachStudent/DebaterJudgeParent/GuardianNYCUDL Tournament StaffTournament VolunteerOtherThe Tournament Registration and Invitation process was... read more


NYC Summer Debate Camp Season has begun! The first NYC Summer Debate Tournament was held at Columbia University on Friday, June 10th. The Tournament was the culminating event of the 2015 Harlem Summer Debate Institute which is a week long debate institute for... read more

Middle School Debate End of Year Awards Ceremony & Pot Luck!

Dear Middle School Debate Schools, You are cordially invited to attend the NYC Middle School Debate League’s End of the Year Awards Ceremony and Pot Luck.  Thank you to PS 161 for hosting our 2014-2015 Season End of Year Awards Ceremony.  This is an end of the... read more


If you missed our newsletter, check out these summer debate institute opportunities!  All NYCUDL debate institutes are free!  Girls Debate League members are also eligible for free summer debate scholarships at the Women’s Debate Institute, Bella Azbug... read more

May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament Results!

Public Forum Team Awards School Sweepstakes Awards Public Forum Speaker Awards Public Forum Schematics Complete Results Thank you KIPP Academy and the Brooklyn Debate League for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament!   The national public forum... read more

May Middle School Debate League Tournament!

Thank you to the KIPP Academy and Brooklyn Debate League for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament. The topic for the tournament is Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United... read more

The Kallos Debates 2015!

Thank you to NYC Council Member Ben Kallos, Communications Director Sarah Anders, Principal Klann, the Julia Richman Education Complex Schools, and the 200+ students, teachers, volunteers and staff who made our 2015 Kallos Debates possible! Thank you so much for an... read more

Rhetoric in the Ring 2015!

NYCUDL Publlic Debates at Ideas City 2015 Festival on topics ranging from the death penalty to congressional term limits in a boxing ring at Sarah Roosevelt Park! Thank you One World Middle School, PS 161, and William Grady High School! Facebook Photo Album Link IDEAS... read more


Link to Kallos Debates Flier You are cordially invited to attend our first annual Kallos Debates. Thanks to the support of Council Member Kallos and the Julia Richman Education Complex, we will be hosting a citywide debate tournament on May 31st for NYC middle school... read more


Thanks everyone for attending our April High School Tournament!  Thank you to William Cullen Bryant High School and the Queens Debate League for hosting!!  Congratulations to all participants and all winners! Thank you to all our coaches, judges, staff, and volunteers... read more

April 25th High School Debate Tournament!

NYCUDL April HS Debate Tournament WC Bryant High School    On behalf of the New York City Urban Debate League and Queens Debate League, you are cordially invited to the NYCUDL April HS Debate Tournament on April 25th for a day of exciting, fun and intense debate... read more

Welcome to the world of debate! The most rigorous academic program since Ancient Greece! We offer programs for all students, all year.

We work with students in elementary through high school, during the school year and the summer.

All we do is win.

At tournaments, our students don’t just beat the competition. They gain valuable experience that makes them better scholars, professionals and civic leaders.


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