New York City Urban Debate League

The NYCUDL Scholars Varsity Debate Institute!

<p>&nbsp;</p><!–more–><p>Shout outs to the NYCUDL Scholars Varsity Debate Institute which kicked off this week! This is our first year of the Varsity Debate Institute! 2 weeks, 9:00am-5:00pm each day, half of the day in the classroom and the other half of the day in the library. Huge shout outs to an amazing camp faculty which has doznes of Tournament of Champions Bids combined! But more important than trophies and national titles – incredible and inspirational educators that we are honored to have this summer in sharing their passion for debate and empowering our next generation of debaters and leaders. &nbsp;Thank you to our incredible students attending the camp!!! &nbsp;Some folks take a break during summer vacation – and you are studying in the library for hundreds of hours! &nbsp;Incredible and inspirational! Thank you everyone for making the first Scholars Camp such a success. &nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Shout outs to our Instructors:&nbsp;</p><div id=sched-page-me-profile-about”><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Ignacio Evans</p><p>Ignacio has been involved in debate since 2006