New York City Urban Debate League

Shouting Out the Great Debaters of the Columbia Invitational!

<p>On behalf of the New York City Urban Debate League and all our schools and students we thank the Columbia Debate Society, Columbia High School Debate Invitational Tournament, and the Winners and all Participants of the Columbia Invitational Tournament for supporting the Urban Debate League of New York City. Your generous donation will support our Middle School Harlem Debates during African American History month in which over 300 middle school students, and over 100 volunteers, parents and community members will participate.</p><!–more–><p>Once again, thank you for your incredible support and we would like to shout out the winners of the Columbia Invitational Tournament:</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Tournament of Champions Bid Recipients:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Lincoln-Douglas</strong></li><ul><li>Champion: Kevin Li, Stuyvesant High School</li><li>Finalist: Chakra Jonnalagadda, Cypress Woods High School</li></ul><li><strong>Public Forum</strong></li><ul><li>Co-Champions: Gil Alon and Deika Albert, Newton South High School</li><li>Co-Champions: Daniel Abdulah and Hannah Phan, Newton South High School</li><li>Semi-finalist: Matthew Majsak and Aidan Woutas, Regis High School</li><li>Semi-finalist: Gaurav Asthana and Anshul Joshi, Acton-Boxborough High School</li><li>Quarter-finalist: James Chen and David Mason, Millburn High School</li><li>Quarter-finalist: Gaia Moisan and Sylvana Widman, Bard High School Early College Manhattan</li><li>Quarter-finalist: Nikhil Kommineni and Kate Selig, Bromfield School</li><li>Quarter-finalist: Nishmi Abeyweera and Leo Flessig, Stuyvesant High School</li><li>Ghost Bid: Jack Sinclair and Amit Fudim, Newton South High School</li><li>Ghost Bid: Anika Sridhar and Jay Garg, Newton South High School</li></ul></ul><p><strong>Speech and Congress Winners</strong></p><ul><li>Congress: Andreas Kapsalis,&nbsp;<span>Xaverian High School</span></li><li>Declamation: Aliyah Mayers, Achievement First Brooklyn</li><li>Dramatic Performance: Barbara Krawczuk, Bronx High School of Science</li><li>Duo Interpretation: Colin Landers and Luke Muller, Holy Ghost Preparatory School</li><li>Extemporaneous Speaking: Arjun Ravi, Scarsdale High School</li><li>Oral Interpretation: Yash Wadwekar, Phoenix Country Day School</li><li>Original Oratory: Eva Herscowitz, Walt Whitman High School</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p><a href=;result_id=56737″ target=”_blank”>Learn more</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p>”