New York City Urban Debate League

Our City’s Top Speakers!!!!  Middle School City Championships Top Speaker Awards! 

<p>&nbsp;</p><!–more–><p>This weekend we hosted the Middle School City Championships! This Tournament is open to ALL middle schools in the city to send their top 2 teams in each debate event and each division!&nbsp; This is Blog one of several blog posts about the largest middle school city championships yet!&nbsp; Specifically, we write today to celebrate the Top Speaker Awards of the Middle School City Championships!!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><span style=background-color: transparent;”>”Speaker Awards” are awarded based on “Speaker Points” which are scored each debate round. Whether a team wins or loses the round – each individual speaker is ranked in terms of speaker points. Speaker Points range from 0-30. The average is 25 points – 29 points.&nbsp; 30 points is very rare and is a flawless and perfect speech you might see 1-2 times a year. A team could lose the debate round but one of the debaters could still have the higher ranked speaker points. In other words