New York City Urban Debate League

NYCUDL Debaters Win Top Awards at the Harvard Invitational!

<p>Huge congratulations to NYC debaters at the Harvard Tournament during Winter Break Week!!! Congrats to Westfield HS! Beacon HS! Leadership &amp; Public Service HS! Leon Goldstein HS! Brooklyn Tech HS! Success Academy! Bard HS Queens! &nbsp;And another huge congrats to the incredible programs of Stuyvesant, Hunter, Mamaroneck, Long Branch, Horace Mann and Poly Prep! Huge NYC wins in both Policy Debate and Public Forum Debate! Congrats to Mira/Kailey of Westfield High School who went UNDEFEATED on Day 1 and finished in Triples and Kailey won 21st speaker in a field of 769 speakers from across the globe!!!!!! Congrats to Brooklyn Tech for reaching Double Octos in Varsity AND!!! Junior Varsity Policy Debate AND Octofinals in Junior Varsity Debate!! Congrats. NYC schools brought more debate awards home than any other city in the nation! &nbsp;NYC Summer Leaders brought home the gold!! Polyprep FK won Varsity PF! Chase Earland was in LD quarters! MK in triples!! Jamaly, and JR winning records! &nbsp;NYC Summer Debate Camps the best in town! Congrats all! And huge thank you to Amisha, Stefan, Aubrey, Arielle, Julie, Larry, Emily and many more!</p><!–more–><br><p><strong>PUBLIC FORUM VARSITY DEBATE</strong></p><br><p>Mira/Kailey of Westfield High School went UNDEFEATED on Day 1 with a 4-0 Record and continued their march to Elimination Rounds in Triple-Octafinals. Kailey also placed 21st &nbsp;out of almost 800 speakers.</p><br><p>Julio &amp; Rajendra went 4-2 in the Varsity Division!</p><br><p><strong>JUNIOR VARSITY PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE</strong></p><br><p>Jamaly &amp; Carmen (Beacon HS) went 4-2 in the Junior Varsity Division!</p><br><p><strong>VARSITY POLICY DEBATE</strong></p><br><p>Advincula &amp; Wolfe (Brooklyn Tech) – Double Octofinals</p><br><p><strong>JUNIOR VARSITY POLICY DEBATE</strong></p><br><p>Bossman &amp; Hodgson (Brooklyn Tech) – Octofinals</p><p>Bah &amp; Sahin (Brooklyn Tech) – Double Octofinals</p><p>DeCastro &amp; Vargelci (Brooklyn Tech ) – Double Octofinals (Dominique DeCastro – 7th Place Speaker)</p><p>Mitterway &amp; Azad – Double Octofinalist (Lauren Mitterway – 10th Place Speaker)</p><p>Success Academies – 6 teams in double octofinals!</p><p>Rahman &amp; Miller (Mamaroneck) – Winners of the 2019 Harvard JV Policy Division (Rayeed Rahman – 19th Place Speaker)</p><p>Stuyvesant – 3 Teams in Elimination Rounds – Stuyvesant HQ (Qiu/Hathaway) – Finalists (May Hathaway – 17th Place Speaker)</p><br><br><p><strong>MIDDLE SCHOOL DEBATE</strong></p><p>Sayee and Sophia went 4-1 (Westfield MS)</p><p>Tage and Maya went 3-2 (Westfield MS)</p>