New York City Urban Debate League

NYC Travel Team Wins Big at the Newark Invitational Tournament!

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Shout outs to the NYC Travel Team that competed at the Newark/Rutgers University Debate Invitational this weekend! NYC teams brought home the majority of the awards in policy debate and also took away top awards in Public Forum Debate! Thanks again for all our staff, volunteers, judges, coaches, teachers, students, parents, board members and everyone for making this another successful Travel Tournament of the year!! Next stop is Harvard University next month! See complete results on the Touranment website, <a href=″ target=”_blank”>click here</a>. Results below wil be updated with final publishing!&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><!–more–><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Varsity Policy Debate Awards</strong></p><p>Semifinalists – Brownstein &amp; Wilson (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>Quarterfinalists – Bavalsky &amp; Khosrof (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>Quarterfinalists – Alexandropoulos &amp; Lao (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>3rd Place Top Speaker – Stephen Wilson (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>4th Place Top Speaker – Shayan Ashraf (Hunter High School)</p><p>5th Place Top Speaker – Rosalisy Peguero (Dr. Izquierdo Health and Sciences)</p><p>9th Place Top Speaker – Joanna Lao (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Novice Policy Debate Awards</strong></p><p>1st Place Top Speaker – Manon Fuchs (Hunter)</p><p>2nd Place Top Team Award – Liu &amp; Wang (Stuyvesant High School)</p><p>2nd Place Top Speaker – Nasida Meher (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>3rd Place Top Speaker – Liberty Lehr (Institute for Collaborative Education)</p><p>4th Place Top Speaker – Frances Leung (Hunter)</p><p>5th Place Top Speaker – Elijah Plachino (Institute for Collaborative Education)</p><p>Semifinalists – Azad &amp; Meher (Brooklyn Tech)</p><p>Quarterfinalists – Huang &amp; Rhee (Stuyvesant HS)</p><p>Quarterfinalists – Lehr &amp; Plachino (Institute for Collaborative Education)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Novice Public Forum Debate</strong></p><p>4-1 Record – Uddin &amp; Mahler (Bard HS Early College Queens)</p><p>4-1 Record – Lepri &amp; Cho (Stuvyesant HS)</p><p>4-1 Record – Sword &amp; Melamed (Stuyvesant HS)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Varsity Public Forum Debate</strong></p><p class=”p1″>Kailey Zhao from Westfield came in 15th speaker in VPF!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>”