New York City Urban Debate League

NYC Debater Wins Top Debate Scholarship!

<p>NYC Debater Wins Top Debate Scholarship – all expenses paid for any College or University in the United States!!!!! Congratulations to NYC Debater Josh Moriarty who was selected as one of three inaugural recipients of the Coolidge Scholarship by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation! Thank you to Amity Shlaes, Calvin Coolidge Foundation, Matt Denhart, and everyone at the Coolidge Foundation! The Coolidge Scholarship covers all college expenses, room, board for four years of undergraduate study at ANY college or university in the United States! This new scholarship program builds upon the Coolidge Foundation’s longtime efforts in the areas of high school debate and scholarship support for students. Each summer the Coolidge Foundation’s well-regarded debate program attracts hundreds of high schoolers who come to Plymouth Notch to engage in civil debate on important policy issues in economics.”</p> <!–more–><p><a title=”Coolidge Scholarship” href=”” target=”_blank”>https://coolidgescholars…; <p><a title=”Coolidge Scholarship” href=”” target=”_blank”>Congrats Josh! More information about the Coolidge Scholars Program is available at….</a></p>”