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New York State Middle School and Elementary School State Championships!

<p>STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!<br> Middle School and Elementary School State Championships!<br> May 21st (Saturday) – May 22nd (Sunday)<br> In Tech Academy (Bronx)</p> <!–more–><p>state championships</p> <p>The New York State Championships for middle schools and elementary schools will be held on May 21 and May 22 at In Tech Academy in the Bronx.</p> <p>Events<br> Middle School Public Forum Debate<br> Middle School Policy Debate<br> Middle School Parliamentary Debate<br> Middle School Student Congress<br> Elementary School Student Congress</p> <p>Topics</p> <p>Public Forum Debate<br> Resolved: To alleviate income inequality in the United States, increased spending on public infrastructure should be prioritized over increased spending on means-tested welfare programs.</p> <p>Policy Debate<br> Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.</p> <p>Parliamentary Debate</p> <p>Preliminary Round Motions (5 rounds – we will repeat two of the topics):<br> ● This House would increase funding for space exploration.<br> ● This House would let 100,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.<br> ● This House would repeal the Hyde Amendment and fund abortions.</p> <p>Elimination Rounds Motions (Picked from a pool of the following motions):<br> ● This House will repeal the Second Amendment<br> ● This House would disarm the police.<br> ● This House would try and punish juvenile offenders as adults.<br> ● This House would reinstate the draft.<br> ● This House would ban animal testing.<br> ● This House believes nature has more influence than nurture.<br> ● This House would grant businesses the right to refuse service.<br> ● This House believes all public colleges and universities should be free.<br> ● This House would ban homework for elementary school students.<br> ● This House would implement year-round school.</p> <p><a href=″ target=”_blank”>Click here to register on Tabroom</a></p> <p><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Click here to register on Eventbrite</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=””><img class=”alignundefined” title=”ilove ny” src=”” alt=””></a></p>”