New York City Urban Debate League

Increased knowledge in current events, civics and the world around themselves

 “I was recruited to join a policy debate team. Not the most popular activity to do, I stayed on the team simply because I was afraid of what would become of me if I didn’t. With a pregnant best friend at 13 and gangs controlling many Bronx neighborhoods, I thought it was a matter of time until something would go wrong in my life. Through debate, I decided I wanted to go to college at fifteen, and once I wanted it, passion took over…. Debate proved to be the platform of my education. Not only did it build a confident woman in me, it put me in a setting that allowed me to meet remarkable people that have continued to shape my life for the better. I am indebted with the LGJ debate team…” 

– Maribel VaquezFulbright Scholar, writing in her successful Fulbright Scholarship application. Maribel is a graduate of the Bronx School of Law, Government and Justice. She was accepted to Franklin and Marshall College on a full scholarship from the Posse Foundation (all expenses paid).