New York City Urban Debate League

Harlem Borough Championships Tournament Results!

<p>Our final community Championships was this weekend at PS 161 in Harlem! &nbsp;The inaugural year of the Harlem Championships to celebrate the revival of scholastic debate in Harlem. Thank you to PS 161 and Coach Tyler Beattie for hosting Thank yoou for all the schools that made this tournament possible! &nbsp;The day featured both public forum and parliamentary debate and middle schoola nd high school students. Final rounds for the top teams will be held next month at the law firm of Morgan and Lewis. Congratulations to all participants and below our are top winneers:&nbsp;<br> TOP HIGH SCHOOL PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE TEAMS</p> <!–more–><p>1st Seed – Luis Benitez &amp; Feiry Guaba (Law Advocacy)<br> 2nd Seed – Beatrice Mando &amp; Melany Garcia (Columbia Secondary School)<br> 3rd Seed – Julio Cordero &amp; Rajendra Singh (Leadership and Public Service HS)<br> 4th Seed – Ellison Estwick and Emmanuel Dominguez Columbia Secondary School)<br> 5th Seed – Jeanyna Garcia &amp; Genesis Luciano (Columbia Secondary School)</p> <p>TOP MIDDLE SCHOOL PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE TEAMS</p> <p>Melissa Jimenez, Jamaly Collado, Naomi Russo (PS 161)<br> Justin Davis, Hannah Moskowitz, Nasya Quinn (Success Academy Harlem East)<br> Kevin Fabian, Jeniyah Martinez, Yunior Crisostomo (PS 161)<br> Herb ert Espinal, Nelson Sanchez, Dashawn Conde (PS 161)<br> Melvin Morla, Justin Cordero, Willmer Rosario (PS 161)<br> Abubakar Wague, isaiah Santana, Rashawn Jones (PS 161)<br> Imani Santana, Donovan Carmichael, Khidar Khalfani (PS 161)<br> Wilmer Colon, Jeremy Merejo, Jaden Lamarre (PS 161)</p> <p>TOP HIGH SCHOOL PUBLIC FORUM SPEAKER AWARDS</p> <p>1st Place – Rajendra Singh (Leadership and Public Service)<br> 2nd Place – Feiry Guaba (Law, Advocacy, Justice/HS Environmental Studies)<br> 3rd Place – Rusat Ramgopal (Columbia Secondary School)<br> 4th Place – Julio Cordero (Leadership and Public Service HS)<br> 5th Place – Melany Garcia (Columbia Secondary School)<br> 6th Place – Ellison Estwick (Columbia Secondary School)<br> 7th Place – Emmanuel Dominguiez (Columbia Secondary School)<br> 8th Place – Joel De La Cruz (HS for Law Advocacy and Community Justice)<br> 9th Place – Luis Benitez (Law Advocacy and Justice/HS Environmental Studies)<br> 10th Place – Genesis Luciano (Columbia Secondary School)</p> <p>TOP MIDDLE SCHOOL PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE SPEAKER AWARDS</p> <p>1st Place – Tahsin Uddin (Success Academy Harlem North West)<br> 2nd Place – Naomi Russo (PS 161)<br> 3rd Place – Yunior Crisostomo (PS 161)<br> 4th Place – Jamaly Collado (PS 161)<br> 5th Place – Adam Senhaji (Success Academy Harlem East)<br> 6th Place – Melissa Jimenez (PS 161)<br> 7th Place – Hannah Moskowitz (Success Academy Harlem East)<br> 8th Place – Herbert Espinal (PS 161)<br> 9th Place – Kevin Fabian (PS 161)<br> 10th Place – Jeniyah Martinez (PS 161)</p>