New York City Urban Debate League

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day!

<p>Every day there is a new movie trailer on the latest superhero film – Superhero Spider Man, Superhero Superman, Superhero Ironman, Superhero Batman. But the true Superheros are not Spiders, Bats, nor made of Iron. Our true Superheroes are our Teachers, Educators and Coaches who devote everyday to making a difference, changing the world.</p> <!–more–><p>And so this week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! We celebrate all the debate teachers, coaches, volunteers, assistant coaches and educators who have impacted millions of lives. In addition to a full day of regular subject classes, debate teachers stay after school up to several hours several days a week coaching students in public speaking and debate and then devote weekends from 6:00am in the morning to 6:00pm (or often later) in the evening to chaperone and coach students to debate tournaments across the city, state and nation. Much of this is paid for out of pocket by teachers. Weekend tournaments can range from 1 day Saturday tournaments to Friday, Saturday and Sunday Tournaments. The debate season does not end which is why its the world’s most rigorous academic program since one of the first teachers and debate coaches – Socrates of Athens. Debate tournaments start in September and end in June and then resume in July for summer debate season! Debate Coaches have to teach every single subject from philosophy to rhetoric and teach every single skill from research to critical thinking to public speaking. </p> <p>So why even consider teaching? And why even consider teaching debate and speech? Teachers will not make anything. My favorite answer is NYC school teacher and national slam poetry champion Taylor Mali in his poem, What Teachers Make.”</p> <p>And so I thank my own teacher and debate coach in high school. I joined the debate team at my school because I was so shy of public speaking. I met Mr. Lindsey and have been hooked on debate since. Today