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Alumni Erika Marte Building Debate Programs in South Africa!

<p>Shout outs to alumni Erika Marte! Erika was a New York City and New York State Debate Champion, winning 2nd Place Top Team at the State Championships and 2nd Place Top Speaker. This year she was awarded a $25,000 stipend to study abroad and is working to build debate programs in South Africa.</p> <!–more–><p>Erika graduated from Hamilton College this year and her story is simply incredible and inspirational already! &nbsp;First, check out the article in the Daily News about Erika below! &nbsp;Second, Erika was an award winning debater at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice of the South Bronx. She and her partner were Semifinalists at the State Championships and Erika was also the 2nd Place Top Speaker at the State Championships! &nbsp;She received a full scholarship to Hamilton College because the admissions committee were most impressed with her debate accomplishments. She was also0 awarded a Gates Scholarship which pays for all undergraduate and graduate expenses. &nbsp;And upon graduation she was awarded her school’s Watson Fellowship which is a $25,000 award to study abroad.</p> <p>And so Erika is spending the year traveling abroad and helping to start debate programs abroad. &nbsp;This month she is working in South Africa to start debate programs! Congratulations erika and we cannot wait to have you back in New York City!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h1 id=a-header”>Hard work pays off for Bronx high school student with Gates Millennium Scholarship win</h1> <p>http://www…; <div id=”a-byline”> BY <a href=”” rel=”author”>CORRINE LESTCH</a> </div> <div id=”a-credits”> DAILY NEWS WRITER </div> <div id=”a-date-published”> Tuesday