New York City Urban Debate League

Alumni Erika Marte accepted to New York University Graduate School on Full Scholarship!

<p>Congratulations to NYCUDL Alumni Erika Marte who was accepted to New York University’s Masters Degree program in Educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy on a full scholarship! Erika besides being an award winning high school and middle school debater has taught and interned with the NYCUDL every summer! Currently she is completing a global fellowship to volunteer across the globe and coach debate!</p> <!–more–><p>Article</p> <p><a href=″ target=”_blank”>http://www…; <p>&nbsp;</p> <div class=”a-module”></div> <p>After Erika&nbsp;Marte and her sisters left the <a title=”Dominican Republic” href=””>Dominican Republic</a> to join their father in <a title=”New York” href=””>New York</a>