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Congratulations to our Travel Team this weekend!!  Shout outs to ACORN HS, Academy for Innovation, Maspeth HS, and KAPPA High School.  All schools did an incredible job!!  The Academy for Innovation in their debate debut defeated some of the top debaters at the tournament.  Maspeth HS had not one but two different teams at 4-2 and nearly break into elimination rounds.  KAPPA High School debaters did an incredible job including Freshmen debaters who were competing against high school seniors!  And huge shout outs to ACORN Community HS for sweeping top awards at the tournament including 3rd Place Top Team, 4th Place Top Team, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Top Speaker Awards.  Congratulations to all our AMAZING COACHES AND TEACHERS OF MASPETH, ACORN, ACADEMY FOR INNOVATION, AND KAPPA!!  And a huge thank you to Manchester High School for hosting an amazing tournament.  Its great to be back and we will be back every year!  Thank you everyone!