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This weekend for the first time the Boroughs of the Bronx and Queens hosted their Championship Debate Tournaments. Thank you to all schools and students for participating in this historical event! Thank you to New York State Senator Rivera for presenting at the Bronx Borough Championships! Congratulations to everyone and special shout outs to our top winners! Bronx Final Rounds this Monday at the Bronx Defenders and Queens Final Rounds coming up soon!

Jagger Helfand & Anabel Witzke (3-0)
Jennifer Sherpa & Angelina Araya (3-0)
Sophie Levit & Hashibul Kowshik (3-0)
Aniqa Tasnim & Aayusha Duwadi (3-0)
Liam Dussek & Keyshaun Etiennegriffin (3-0)
Niven Kathiner & Ashanti Clarke (3-0)
Aya Ismail & Sala Hamed (3-0)
Edward Cleary & Joseph Tasso (3-0)
Julia Bejan & Sofia Kosmidis Jaramillo (3-0)

1st Place – Sophie Levit
2nd Place – Liam Dussek
3rd Place – Jagger Helfand
4th Place – Angelina Araya
5th Place – Anabel Witzke
6th Place – Aayusha Duwadi
7th Place – Aya Ismail
8th Place – Ashanti Clarke
9th Place – Ananya Bhagat
10th Place – Jennifer Sherpa