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Shout outs to the HS for Leadership and Public Service’s Julio Cordero & Rajendra Singh at the Harvard University High School Tournament – one of the largest and most competitive tournaments in the nation. Out of 254 teams in the JV Public Forum Debate, Julio and Rajendra reached the Double Octofinals – placing in the top 32 teams in the nation and bringing home a trophy.  They faced some of the top debate teams in the nation and world including two teams from China, three private schools ranked in the top schools in America where tuition is $20,000-$41,000/year including the second most expensive private school and second best private school in the country!  And Julio and Rajendra didn’t even have a debate coach or team at their school when they started!  So another round of shout outs for them starting a debate team at their school!  Their Preliminary Round Record was 4-2 record and in Triple Octofinals they won on a 2-1 decision, reaching Double Octofinals!  Congratulations to Rajendra and Julio, their middle school coach, Mr. Tyler Beattie, and all their incredible supporters!