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Dreamyard Prep hosted Bronx’s first mini-tournament on Saturday, April 29th! 16 new debaters from Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan debate the Electoral College.

Three rounds later, Young Women’s Leadership’s Marsha Darbouze (debating alone!) took home the crown as the only undefeated team and top speaker, while Dreamyard Prep had two top-4 teams, Nicandra Soto/Zainabou Darboe and Moumita Roy/Diana Delrio and two top speakers (Carlos Abreu and Diana Delrio) and and EPIC fielded a top team (David White/Seema Ramdat) and a top speaker (Seema Ramdat).

Many thanks to Jonathan Spratley for hosting and all teams for competing. 

Now getting ready for Bronx City Championships on June 1st!

Thank you to Bronx Director Dylan Groves for making this possible!