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Lenny Hererra, NYCUDL Alumni and former debater at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice is one of the members of the Towson University Debate Team – one of the top debate teams nationwide. Earlier in the year, Lenny and his teammates successfully led their own fundraising campaign to raise the funds to compete at the Harvard University Tournament – one of the top college tournaments in the nation. However, school administrators would not give permission for the debaters to compete. The national debate community rallied around to advocate for Towson Debaters. Hours before the tournament was to begin, school administrators relented and the debaters were on the road to Harvard 10 minutes after the phone call. Congratulations, shout outs and good luck to Towson at Harvard. No matter what the outcome of the Harvard Tournament, you have won the ultimate argument already – any student should have the opportunity to compete in speech and debate and every school in America from Kindergarten to University should support all students in speech and debate – the most rigorous academic program since Socrates and Ancient Greece.