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Brown Rudnick Center for Public Interest.  Our earliest supporter, funder, and pro bono counsel is the law firm of Brown Rudnick. Brown Rudnick discovered the debate league when we were a small after school program operating in a single classroom in a school – fundraising through cupcake sales. Through Brown Rudnick’s support we became a 501c3 Nonprofit and expanded citywide. The rest is history!

Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI): The NYCUDL partners with the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute each summer and school year to provide debate education opportunities to young women including the BALI Women’s History Month Debate Tournament, the BALI Summer Debate Leadership Program, and many other additional programs!

Champion Briefs. Champion Briefs is a speech and debate education resources provider. We help students become Champions – individuals who excel at critical thinking, public speaking, performance, and argumentation while positively contributing to the community. We offer educational guides, curriculum materials, and other tools to improve speech and debate education. In each of our topic briefs, you’ll find detailed topic analyses, cited evidence, and comprehensive information to help students and coaches prepare for debates and learn about the world.

City University of New York (CUNY): The NYCUDL partners with the City University of New York to assemble a top tournament staff, tournament host sites, and college prep opportunities for our students.

Columbia University: Columbia University has generously hosted hundreds of students for our debate tournaments and summer institutes, during which NYCUDL students attend special workshops and educational opportunities at Columbia University.

Forensics Files:  This organization provides easy-to-use topic briefs and classroom materials that helped coaches and students throughout the U.S. and the world achieve success.

Hunter College: Hunter College has generously hosted our summer Manhattan Debate Institute – one of the largest summer debate programs in the city with elementary, middle school and high school debate divisions.  Our students have the opportunity to take advantage of state of the art computer facilities, college classrooms, and university professors.

IDEBATE Press.  Thank you so much to iDebate Press for support.  iDebate Press provides access to Code of the Debater for our coaches and teachers. iDebate Press has incredible books, publications and resources to support debaters and debate educators. Check them out!

Invitational Tournaments: Our top debaters travel across the east coast and country to some of the nation’s top tournaments. We thank these tournaments for their support each year. These travel tournament partners include Yale University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, Princeton University, Manchester High School, Lexington High School, Lakeland High School, and Walt Whitman High School.

New York Cares: The New York City Urban Debate League is one of the city’s largest volunteer programs – engaging hundreds of volunteers each month as citizen judges for the city’s scholastic debate tournaments.  New York Cares is one of our largest volunteer participant programs.

New York City Service: New York City Service is one of our largest volunteer coordinating programs.  Judges of our debate tournaments need not be former debaters, but have a passion for supporting our youth. We provide judge training and orientation at each tournament.

Metro Hudson Debate League (MHL). The Metro-Hudson League, designed as it is to provide debate opportunities to younger students, is an important part of our overall high school debate program in the northeast. The NYCUDL partners with the MHL each year for workshops and tournaments.

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE):  The New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) is a unique partnership between the NYCDOE, Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI), NYCUDL, individual schools and NYC school networks. The NYCUDL works closely with the NYCDOE, to offer high-quality competitive debate programming in New York City Public Schools.

New York Catholic Forensics League (CFL): The NYCUDL partners with the New York Catholic Forensics League and the Brooklyn Queens Catholic Forensics League to provide additional tournament opportunities for our debaters.

New York State Debate Coaches Association (NYSDCA).  The New York State Debate Coaches Association seeks to grow debate in the state, to develop infrastructure that responds to the contemporary and growing needs of the evolving debate community in the state, and to recognize the significant accomplishments of debaters, debate coaches, and debate programs in the state.

National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA).  We partner with the National Debate Coaches Association each year to provide the best educational opportunities for our teachers. The NDCA provides best practices in coaching and teaching, fosters curriculum development, compiling of coaching resources, the Open Evidence Project, providing professional development opportunities, and promotion of regional debate.

National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA).  We have a unique partnership with the National Speech and Debate Association which provides all our member schools with free memberships and access to NSDCA educational resources, student and teacher educational accounts, summer debate institute scholarships for students and teachers, professional development and webinars for educators, qualifications for our debaters to attend the National Championships, and host of the National Championship Tournament – the largest academic competition in the world.

National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL):  NAUDL’s mission is to establish and support urban debate leagues across the country and facilitate cooperation among urban debate leagues. The NYCUDL is one of about 20 member organizations in the NAUDL.

NewsCurrents: NYCUDL uses NewsCurrents, the award-winning weekly discussion-based current events program, to keep our students well informed about the important news events of the nation and world. NewsCurrents builds background knowledge and boosts critical thinking every week, and gives debaters a chance to practice oral expression. We are grateful to NewsCurrents for providing our affiliated teachers with free access to this unique learning program upon request. https://www…

Office of the Mayor

The NYCUDL keeps its students informed about opportunities with partners and other institutions through the NYCUDL program website.

Posse Foundation: The NYCUDL is a Posse Foundation nominator.  Posse is one of the most comprehensive and renowned college access and youth leadership development programs in the United States and provide full scholarship opportunities for students. Students can apply for the Posse Foundation by clicking here.

Summit Debate: Summit Debate provides summer debate and speech camps and online coaching services for students. Summit Debate partners with NYC UDL by offering scholarships to the National Debate Forum each summer.

Victory Briefs: Victory Briefs provides summer debate camps, textbooks, topic briefs, and other resources for Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum debate. Victory Briefs supports the NYCUDL with debate briefs for our teachers and students and summer debate institute scholarships. Click here to learn more. 

Vinson & Elkins: Vinson & Elkins LLP is an international law firm with approximately 700 lawyers worldwide. We are honored to partner up with the New York office to provide public speaking and debate opportunities to NYC youth and encourage students to participate in the legal profession. Click here to learn more. 

West Coast Briefs. West Coast is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to offering the finest materials for speech and debate programs. West Coast Publishing began in 1990 when Jim Hanson and Matt Taylor decided they would offer consistently high quality materials to the debate community. Beginning with just policy materials and a textbook, West Coast has expanded into LD, Public Forum, and Extemporaneous speaking. Click here to learn more.

Winning Words:  We are thankful to Winning Words’ partnership to provide educational materials for our teachers and students. The mission of Winning Words: “To both enhance the quality of each speech and debate round and facilitate student learning by providing high quality resources to high-school forensics competitors and teams.” http://www…

Youth Inc.: We are a proud partner of Youth Inc. Youth Inc offers a “uniquely holistic approach to address the many different needs of nonprofits, from improving fundraising practices and building boards, to funding critical elements of infrastructure. By applying the best practices from the corporate and nonprofit sectors, we empower our partner nonprofits with the tools to achieve sustainable growth. We currently partner with eighty youth-serving nonprofits that work with over 220,000 kids each year.”