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Public Forum Debate Judge Resources
As a team event, students who compete in Public Forum need to be able to work well with a partner. Balanced teams, both in terms of preparation before debates and contributions within a debate, helps provide a competitive advantage during tournaments. PF is the newest form of debate in the Association and looks at current event topics. Students who do Public Forum must be prepared to debate in front of judges without any formal debate training. Being able to persuade a range of judges is a central component to this event. Additionally, PF is focused upon debating varying resolutions that change frequently, which exposes students to a variety of topics during a singular competitive season. Public Forum Debate Resources Public Forum Debate Judge Video Public Forum Debate Ballot Guide to Public Forum Debate Public Forum Debate
Policy Debate Judge Resources
Policy debate is a two-on-two debate where an affirmative team proposes a plan and the negative team argues why that plan should not be adopted. The topic for policy debate changes annually, so debaters throughout the course of the year will debate the same topic.
One member of each team will perform the ‘first’ speeches, the other the ‘second’ speeches. So the person who reads the 1AC wil also perform the 1AR, for example. Note that the debate begins with the affirmative speaking first, and then switches midway through the debate where the negative speaks first, thus giving the affirmative the ability to speak last. Policy Debate Sample Ballot Policy Debate Judge Manual HS Policy Debate Quick Reference Structure of Policy Debate Round National Association of Urban Debate Leagues Judge Resources
Parliamentary Debate Judge Resources

Parliamentary Debate (also referred to as "parli") is an academic debate event. Many colleges, high schools and middle schools across the world have parliamentary debate teams.  Parliamentary debate is unique compared to other debate events because of its extemporaneous nature.  Other debate formats allow extensive preparation and research and so most major arguments are written in manuscript form and read to the judge.  In parliamentary debate, argumentation and speaking is extemporaneous - topics change every round and students have limited time to prepare written arguments on a topic before the round begins.

1 Page Parliamentary Introduction


Parliamentary Introduction

Judging Public Forum Debate Video

Judging Public Forum Debate Video

Judging Policy Debate Video