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All the news of scholastic debate in New York City!  The New York City Urban Debate League is the nation's largest debate league and home to some of the most successful debaters in the nation.  We serve every community in New York City with our Bronx Debate League, Brooklyn Debate League, Harlem Debate League, Manhattan Debate League, Queens Debate League, Girls Debate League, and more! Our mission is every school in New York City should have a debate team and every student should have access to the best debate education opportunities.

In Celebration of Freedom of Debate and Expression!

This week we celebrate the Press!  Famed Journalist and "most trusted man in America" Walter Cronkite stated that "Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy." Former High School Debater and US President, John F. Kennedy in a speech on... read more

NYC Debaters Sweep Westchester Classic Tournament!

NYC Debaters Sweep Awards at the Westchester Classic!  Incredible weekend for NYC debaters who won dozens of awards this weekend! Congratulations to all our schools, students, teachers and volunteers! JUNIOR VARSITY PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE TOP SPEAKERS 1st Place -... read more

Middle School Tournament Results (2/4/17)

Our last regular season middle school tournament of the school year! 32 schools, 306 students, 151 judges! Thank you everyone for making this tournament possible. Thank you to Midwood High School for hosting!  Thank you to everyone for making this tournament such a... read more

NYC High School Debate Tournament Results! (2/11/17)

44 Schools! 286 students! 113 judges! Thank you to everyone for making our largest High School Debate Tournament yet! Thank you so much to Bronx Collaborative High School and the incredible Principal Schneider for being such an incredible host! Thank you to both the... read more

Sign Up for our Debate Con Sessions!

On Monday, January 30th, the New York City Urban Debate League presents its quarterly "Debate Con" conference - For Debate Educators and By Debate Educators. The day offers numerous workshops in debate, breakfast, lunch, networking, and some incredible keynote... read more

Sign Up for Debate Con!

On January 30th we host our Winter Debate Con which will feature a keynote and workshops from the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) on membership in the NSDA, benefits of memberships, and numerous benefits of NSDA membership. The day will feature... read more

Bronx/Manhattan Middle School Tournament Results

Thank you to the Anderson School and Computer School for hosting our January middle school tournament for Manhattan and Bronx schools.  24 schools, 263 students, and 128 judges attended the tournament!  Thank you to all our judges, volunteers, staff, teachers,... read more


Thank you to Intelligence Squared for hosting us on January 11th the topic whether policing is racially biased.  “In 2014, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, set off a wave of protests and sparked a movement targeting racial disparities in criminal... read more

High School Tournament Results!

29 schools, 243 students, 115 judges! Thank you for making this our largest high school tournament ever! Wow!  Thank you everyone for making this tournament possible! Incredible!  Thank you to the Institute for Collaborative Education for hosting the tournament.... read more

Debater of the Year Application

Apply for the Urban Debater of the Year Award! Win up to $2000 in college scholarships!  Automatic bid to the National Association of Urban Debate League Championships! Applications are due on February 17th! More information below! Urban Debater of the Year Flyer 2017... read more