New York City’s First Debate Educators Conference!

Thank you to over 50 debate educators joining us for the inaugural Debate Con! New York City's first debate educators conference! Thank you to Aubrey Semple, Militza Diaz, Meagan Kowaleski, Eric DiMichele, Andrew Dale White Geathers, and Katie Vitale for presenting.... read more

Girls Debate Tournament Results!

Congratulations to all the participants of our Spring Girls Debate Tournament! Thank you to the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute and Silberman Graduate School. Thank you to all our incredible speakers and workshops! The topic was on Title IX and the day featured... read more

Girls Debate Tournament this Friday!

On June 3rd, the NYCUDL and BALI host the Spring Girls Debate League Tournament at the Silberman Graduate School. This tournament features public forum and parliamentary debate for both middle school and high school. Also joining us for the morning panel of lawyers on... read more


If you missed our newsletter, check out these summer debate institute opportunities!  All NYCUDL debate institutes are free!  Girls Debate League members are also eligible for free summer debate scholarships at the Women's Debate Institute, Bella Azbug Leadership and... read more


GIRLS DEBATE LEAGUE SPRING TOURNAMENT RESULTS Team Awards Speaker Awards Complete Results Schematics On Monday we hosted the Spring Girls Debate League Tournament!  Over 100 debaters from across the city participated in our Spring Tournament.  The resolution was... read more
March Public Forum Debate Topics!

March Public Forum Debate Topics!

Hi Everyone! So we have a busy month of March public forum debate tournaments - every single weekend!!   Our middle school tournament will be held on March 7th, MS 297 Hawtree Creek Middle School with the Queens Debate League. And our HS Tournament is the City HS... read more
ABOUT THE GIRLS DEBATE LEAGUE The New York City Urban Debate League founded the first girls debate league in the nation. This was brought about by several of our young women debaters coming together and proposing their own topics for tournaments rather than following the traditional national topics.  The Girls Debate League is founded not simply as just a competitive debate league, but as a holistic program of debate education with community partnerships with the Bella Azubg Leadership Institute,  women’s issues study, guest speakers, youth empowerment, advocacy training, skills, and other content areas. One of its goals is to provide the one of the best educational opportunities for women of all ages.    

  GIRLS DEBATE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT CALENDAR The Girls Debate Program features day long tournaments in the Fall and Spring semesters. We often host these tournaments in partnership with the Bella Azbug Leadership Institute at Hunter College. The mornings include workshops with discussions and leadership skills. The afternoons include debates. The goal is to introduce all our young women to public speaking, debate skills, techniques, as well as college, career, and leadership prep. September: Girls Debate League Fall Semester Tournament March: : Women's History Month Girls Debate League Tournament  June: Girls Debate League Championships July:  Girls Summer Debate Tournament     

MONTHLY WORKSHOPS  Each month at our monthly debate tournaments, we have a break out workshop for all young women who are interested in The Girls Debate Program. The workshop features guest speakers on women’s issues, discussions, and debates among our students. There are also leadership seminars, as well as special programs like public speaking competitions, poetry competitions and writing competitions. Our participants vote for the topics of the upcoming tournaments at these meetings. September - Introduction to Girls Debate League October - Debate Skills Workshops November - Debate Skills Workshop II December - Debate Skills Workshop III January -  Debate Skills Workshop IV February - Summer Debate Institute Opportunities March - Girls Debate League Tournament Prep April - Summer Debate Institute Opportunities May - Girls Debate League Tournament Prep June - Summer Debate Institute Opportunities July - Bella Azbug Leadership Institute Program August - Summer Debate Institute Opportunities